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Jaylen Carr – Sports Editor

Can this be the New York Yankees year? I surely hope so because this franchise desperately needs to add their 28th World Series Championship.  

I have not witnessed a World Series Win by the Yankees since I was doing my fourth-grade states project in 2009. This has been a historic year for Aaron Judge, specifically, because of his record in hitting home runs. He has been so good that pitchers are scared to pitch to him. It would be a complete waste of a great season for Judge if the Yankees cannot get it done in October. 

While of course it would be  one of the greatest statical seasons from a Yankee,  Judge deserves a championship for his legacy. On the other hand, I hope Giancarlo Stanton can stay healthy and be productive. Shockingly, Stanton was able to play over 100 games but with a below average batting average. As one of the top stars on the team, he needs to produce clutch plays this postseason before the Yankees fans lose trust in him when playoff time comes around. 

The Yankees have over 95 wins and clinched the American League, or AL East Division, last week in their win against the Blue Jays. But there is one team that makes me tense every time postseason comes around and that’s the Houston Astros.  

The Astros have eliminated the Yankees three times in the last seven years. Houston had another 100-win season and is experiencing enough to make a deep playoff run. The Astros stopped the Yankees from making World Series Championship number 28, a reality back in 2019. I thought that was our year to finally get over the hump, but I knew once the Astros went up 3-1 in the series it was over. Despite the Yankees winning the pivotal game five, the Astros were able to close the series in game six.  

At least this year the Yankees will have the first-round week.During the last two seasons the Yankees had to play the AL Wild Card game which only hurt them because fatigue is always a factor when playoff time comes.  

I predict the Yankees will win the American League Championship and clinch a World Series win the Yankees will advance to the fall classic by beating the Houston Astros in seven games in the American League Championship to advance. I think this series will have my emotions all over the place, but I believe this year will be different than the others.  

In the National League, NL, I believe the Los Angeles Dodgers will advance to the World Series once again. I would love to see a subway series between the New York Mets and the New York Yankees which would be great for both fan bases. However, I think the Dodgers have the experience and the talent to make it to the fall classic.  

Freddie Freeman of the Dodgers has had a great season with a .327 batting average which is well above the Major League Baseball, MLB, league average of .250.  Mookie Betts has led the team in homeruns with 35 and despite Betts being a former player from the Red Sox, he is one of my favorite players to watch.   

The Dodgers have made the World Series three out of the five past years. A New York Yankees versus Los Angeles Dodgers matchup will be great to watch because of the individual stars on both teams. I predict that the Yankees will win the series in six games with the second baseman, Gleyber Torres, winning the World Series MVP. 

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