Fall Sports are back in full swing this year

Jaylen CarrSports Editor

This semester will bring a lot of excitement and expectations for all sports. Players and coaches are setting individual and teams goals to help motivate them in their sports. 

The volleyball team has won six of their first ten games to start off the season.  

Payton Reis, a senior volleyball player, said, “Our overall goal is to make it to the NE10 Championship and then into regionals.” 

But individually, Reis said she wants to set her own records and be able to break her own records.  

“At the end of the day I play volleyball in college because I enjoy it. My biggest motivation is that it is something I enjoy, and it is fun,” said Reis.  

According to Reis, her teammates are one of her biggest motivations because they are always helping each other to get better. 

The men’s soccer team is off to a 3-0-1 record, scoring 12 goals in their first four games. The women’s soccer teams is off to a 2-2 start with 21 saves thus far.  

Despite the football team falling short 48-7, to Shepard University on Sept. 1, 2022, there are still high hopes and goals to reach this season.  

This season Inside Linebacker, Jahlil Watson said, “Our main goal is winning the NE10 championship and then getting into the playoffs.” 

Watson said he is motivated by his family because he grew up in a neighborhood full of poverty. His parents’ great work-ethics inspired him to work hard according to Watson.   

“I do everything for them,” said Watson. 

Defense is one of the major keys to winning games and having a successful season this year for the football team.   

 “As far as the defensive aspect, we talked about this all offseason, throughout spring ball, and even now, up until fall camp that we want to be a scoring defensive and shut people out,” said Watson.  

Offensive Coordinator Christopher Bergeski said, “We have a great group of guys and excited throughout camp to get them back here working.”  

“Taking business with our league is an important part of our game. We have a young team, but we have some experienced players as well,” according to Bergeski.  

Despite some players having different years of experience on the team, Bergeski said  

“Our guys have been working their tails off and for us we try to take it a step at a time.” 

Both the players and coaches not only have team goals but individual goals to achieve by the end of the season.  

Watson said one of his individual goals is to earn a starting spot at his position. He would add that he drew inspiration from NFL players such as Ray Lewis, Fred Warner, and Isaiah Simmons who also played as an inside linebacker.  

Bergeski said, “My job is to make sure that I’m putting these players in the best situation I possibly can. A lot of situational football we practice throughout the week and throughout camp.” 

Bergeski said his focus is to continue to practice situational football and have everyone prepared.  

“I think it’s super important that we educate these guys on what  our expectations and goals are,” said Bergeski. 

Bergeski said that it is also important to educate the players on how to handle adversity and to help them understand that there is life outside of football.  

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