Today: May 22, 2024

Farewell to the Southern News

Morgan Douglas Sports Editor

Well, I suppose this is it. 

This is the last edition of the Southern News for the semester, so it is time to say so long whilst I reflect on what a valuable learning experience that this time with the Southern News has been. 

I want to start by acknowledging and expressing my appreciation for the whole staff of the Southern News who stuck it out through a tumultuous school year. 

Without going into much detail, we had two key people quit the paper just weeks into the Fall semester, changing what traditionally was an eight-page paper per week into the four-page, or in this case, six-page edition you have become familiar with. 

The changes among the staff only caused those of us who remained to grow closer, as we had to rely on one another more and more to get the paper out each week, and while it may not have always been perfect, we stayed together and got the job done, no matter what. 

Being short-staffed also forced a sports guy out of his comfort zone and to cover events and happenings on campus I never would have otherwise. 

I covered three plays for crying out loud. Those were, let us say, interesting. 

Late last fall, I remember the plan was for me to cover the morning portion of CSCU President Tim Cheng’s town hall meeting with the faculty. 

I did not think much of it, I had done town halls before, no big shakes. 

Then, as I crossed Fitch Street to the main campus on my way to Adanti Student Center, I saw the faculty and they were organized and marching with signs, chanting, “What do we want?” 

“Fair contract!” 

“When do we want it?” 


To put it mildly, it was not what I was expecting, but a great experience for an aspiring journalist, because it cannot always be ball games and practices, in real reporting, things get heavy. 

I hear that a sports editor and a sports reporter have applied for the upcoming fall semester, and that is good to hear. 

I could have used the help the last two semesters, but it is too late to complain now, I am done. 

One thing being the primary person covering sports for the news afforded me was the chance to witness so many cool moments on campus and interview a lot of excited athletes afterwards. 

Women’s basketball winning a tournament game in overtime was great, so were the pair of walk-off home runs I saw the baseball team hit. 

I saw some exciting finishes in softball as well. 

An unforgettable game-winning field goal as time expired for the football team, and nobody can get a gym full of fans rocking like the Owls’ volleyball team. 

However, men’s and women’s swimming and diving winning their respective conference championships together on the same night, in their home pool was the most memorable moment of my time covering sports on campus. 

The women lead wire to wire, and the men pulled off a comeback on the final day of competition. 

There were no spectators allowed, so I had the privilege of sitting with the Owls in the bleachers and witnessing their emotions firsthand as they became champions. 

Being able to interview athletes in those moments when they are feeling all sorts of emotions is a real treat and will be one of the things I will miss the most about having this position.  

I will miss those moments and the people I got to work with, both those involved with Southern News and those involved in the athletic department. 

So, to my fellow staff members, the athletic department and the athletes, I say thank you. 

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