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Heartbreak on campus – Opinion

Sarah Shelton– Features Editor

One thing many students go through throughout their college years is heartbreak.

Being heartbroken while a college student, especially with finals coming up, can be tough, but you are never alone on campus. 

You think you are going to last forever, then they get stressed about school or work and start taking their anger out on you, affecting your studies, appetite and mental health. 

You forgive them time and time again, but then they are out of your life suddenly. 

Your entire Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram feeds are full of breakup quotes saying “suggested for you.” 

How does the algorithm even know? 

Then you are sitting in class, teary-eyed, while they seem fine. 

One tip of advice: seek out counseling on campus. Did I cry three minutes into my session? Absolutely. However, that is what they are here for. They want you to talk to someone, even if therapy is not your thing.  

Another tip, forget him, her or them.  

You can do everything they want, support everything they do, but if they are not a good partner, no matter how good you treat them, they will never be happy, or at least the happiness will not last.  

They will say something like “you deserve better,” “we have nothing in common,” even if you definitely do, “I don’t care about you anymore,” or my favorite, “I’m better off alone,” because they are self-aware they do not treat their partners right, and then they are on Tinder, or some other dating app, a week later ready to love bomb another person.  

Another tip: notice the red flags. 

According to a Cosmopolitan article, “love bombing may very well be the scariest thing that can happen while dating. Not only is it an extremely manipulative tactic used by narcissists, abusers, and, ahem, con artists, but it’s also very, very hard to detect and suss out as it’s happening.” 

Definitely evaluate yourself. Do some shadow work. I know with one of my exes I thought, “maybe I was not the best girlfriend I could have been,” but sometimes that is not the case, but if it is, it is okay to mess up and learn. Meaningful apologies go a long way. Other times, you have to be self-aware to realize it was not anything you did. 

Dating in college is hard, especially when it comes to breakups. I have noticed so many couples on campus breaking up within the last few weeks. I do not think we are in Mercury retrograde, but I do know many planets have been in Pisces.  

It is time to study for finals, eat some good food and focus on your studies. Go to counseling, or write a petty opinion article about your heartbreak experiences to inspire others going through the same thing. But do not let it affect your grades.  

Seeing the cute couple Instagram pictures go, getting out of bed, hearing the lies they are saying about you, and learning how to do daily activities without wanting to text them could be some of the hardest parts. However, you deserve someone who recognizes how amazing you are. 

Seriously, put on some music. Selena Gomez’s “Rare,” Leah Kate’s “10 Things I Hate About you” or even Ariana Grande’s “in my head,” and jam out. 

Or cry to “Exile” by Taylor Swift. And then get up and go to an event on campus. Do your homework. Text your mom.  

Heartbreak is hard. College is also hard. Give yourself time to heal and do your best to get back up again. 

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