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University drops the mask mandate

Sofia Rositani Editor-in-Chief

As of April 4, the mask mandate will be lifted for the university.  

“This afternoon, Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) President Terrence Cheng announced that, as of April 4, all Connecticut community colleges and state universities will no longer require masking on campus. In addition, all weekly testing requirements for employees and students will end at that time,” according to an email from Patrick Dilger.  

This announcement came on March 10, during Spring Break.  

“I don’t have a strong opinion about it (the mask mandate), but it’s about time they did lift it,” environmental studies and sustainability major, Rianna Albert, a junior said. 

As of March 7, New Haven has lifted the mask mandate, but stores and restaurants have their own mandates.  

“I have mixed feelings about the mask mandate being lifted. While it shows that hopefully the pandemic is nearly over, I just am worried that the cases will skyrocket. Plus, I am immunocompromised, and masks made me feel more comfortable attending my classes. I will be continuing to wear my mask until at least the end of the semester,” comprehensive special education major, Giana Cardonita, a junior said.  

Cardonita said that she hopes that the cases will stay the same, or decrease, but she noticed that when other states lifted the mandates the cases spiked so she is worried about that.  

“that’s going to happen in any town or campus (COVID-19 cases spiking) that does life the mandate however these amount of future cases won’t be as significant,” Albert said.  

   Psychology major, Jacob Adorno, a junior said that he is apprehensive with the lift.  

“Some commuters may not feel the same weight of having to undergo the safety precautions that residence do because they live at home,” Adorno said.  

Adorno said that if someone lives out of state and gets exposed, they cannot leave same with those who live on campus or at home who will also have to quarantine.  

“As someone who hasn’t gotten Covid since the school shut down, I feel like I have done everything I could to be careful and make those around me feel comfortable,” Adorno said.  

While he thinks this, he said he does not think it is a good idea for the entire campus to be unmasking.  

“I think it’s too soon,” Adorno said.  

Cardonita said that as someone who is immunocompromised, she is worried about what will happen. 

“I am going to probably have to double mask and there may be times I may not feel comfortable going to class as a result,” Cardonita said. 

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