Palisades trip with ProCon

Sarah Shelton Features Editor 

Four floors and over 200 businesses were seen by students this weekend on Programs Council’s trip to New York’s Palisades Mall. 

On Saturday, Nov. 13, Programs Council, known as ProCon, took students to New York’s second-largest mall, located in West Nyack, for holiday shopping. 

“We booked a bus and planned to go somewhere where students could have free range and do early holiday shopping,” Weekend Programmer Matt Berry, a senior, said. “We chose this mall because it has an abundance of stores and is bigger than any Connecticut malls.” 

Berry said the students were able to walk around but had to meet back at a certain spot at 4:30 p.m. to get back on the bus. The only rules were they must come back to the bus, and smoking and drinking was prohibited. He also gave out his number and his adviser’s number so students could reach out to them at any time, if needed. 

Berry said ProCon plans to do trips more like this because of the reaction he noticed at the end. 

“Everyone seemed to have a good time and come back with purchases,” Berry said. 

According to the Palisades Center website, the mall offers, “225 brands,16 sit-down restaurants, a bowling alley, ice rink, the world’s tallest indoor ropes course, comedy club, and more.”  

Computer Science major Miles Meade, a junior, took advantage of all palisades had to offer. 

“I sampled the world’s hottest hot sauce at the pepper palace,” Meade said. “I also got some more hot sauce.” 

Meade also went to Buffalo Wild Wings and Dave & Busters, which were both inside the mall. 

“We went to that It’s Sugar place and got butterscotch beer, it’s basically cream soda,” Meade said. “We also saw those five-pound gummy bears, we did the math and it has so much sugar in it.” 

Meade said the only disappointment on the trip was Dave & Busters did not have his favorite game, “Guitar Hero.” However, he had a great time shopping. 

“I have so many receipts already,” Meade said a little more than halfway through the trip. 

The mall already had a few holiday stores set up and a big Christmas tree. This caught the attention of International student and finance major Tian Zixuan, a junior. 

“I know these things are for trees,” Tian said about a store full of tree ornaments. “I am impressed by [the] Christmas vibe.” 

Where Tian is from, she said she celebrates Christmas, but it is “totally different.”  

“We only have discounts,” Tian said. 

Tian said she was very excited to be able to travel to a mall in New York and shop. 

“I bought a bunch of things. Two body lotions, one [pair of] pants, many yogurts, four lipsticks,” Tian said. “I love this trip, good memories.” 

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