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Music Review: Taylor Upsahl is here with music

Sarah SheltonFeatures Editor

One of the most underrated artists, in my opinion, is Taylor Upsahl, known as UPSAHL.  

UPSAHL is an alternative artist who had a popular Tik Tok song a while back called “Drugs” and has written music for many artists, such as Dove Cameron and Madison Beer. She has now released her album titled “Lady Jesus.” 

One of the first songs on the album is called “Melatonin,” which has been out for a bit as a single. I find the lyrics to this song very relatable. She wrote in a comment on YouTube, “Melatonin is about being so overwhelmed with your emotions, that you can’t even escape your problems in your dreams.” I really love the music too, it is fun and makes you want to dance. 

Melatonin reminds me a bit of one of my favorite songs by her, “Young Life Crisis.” They are very different, but kind of have the same vibe. 

The next song on the album has a very different feel, but deals with a similar situation. “Time of my Life” reminds me of how we are supposed to be having the time of our lives when we are young, but sometimes cannot. I love how the song has a reference to her song “Drugs” with the lyric “I go to all the parties but I really only came here for the drugs.” 

Her song “Lunatic” is a fun song, but “Last Supper” hits hard. I really love the alternative guitar and other instruments she always uses, but in this song, she uses autotune to make the mood rebellious. 

 “Thriving” reminds me of her other songs, such as “People I don’t like” and “STOP!.” I really love her old songs, but this one is not really my favorite. I feel like the lyrics were too repetitive, which UPSAHL usually seems to be really good at, like in her song “Drugs.”  

“Sunny D” sounds like something Taio Cruz would release back in the 2010s, and I think it is really cool because I grew up on this type of music. I can tell she collaborated with someone on this song, but the guy in the song is not featured. According to a YouTube comment, his name is Elijah Noll. 

When “Notourius” started playing, I was very surprised. This sounds very different from the type of music she does, but I honestly loved it. Her voice sounds great and this song somewhat makes you feel like you are in a DC Comics movie.  

I have to say, my favorite song off this new album is “IDFWFEELINGS.” I really like the energy of this song, even if the lyrics are a little harsh. I love how when she mentioned texts, it actually made a texting sound. I also think the ending is really cool, the pace of the song slows down as she continues to sing. 

I did not expect the album title song, “Lady Jesus,” to sound the way it did, but I do not hate it. It is not the best song, but I think the lyrics are amazing. I feel like it is a revival for UPSAHL. 

I’m glad UPSAHL is still making alternative music, even if it is not going to be chart-topping like the recent pop and rap music. It is really inspiring.  

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