Welcome back to campus from staff

Sofia RositaniEditor-In-Chief

This semester started with not just a storm of emotions with new and returning students but also a hurricane causing everything to be moved a day. The weather may have stalled the opening of the university, but it did not damper anyone’s excitement of finally returning to campus. The Southern News’ editors want to welcome the return of students and faculty to the university.  

We are all excited to return to in-person learning and being able to produce a great newspaper every week for students and faculty to read. The newsroom was moved over the summer to ASC 222, also; for anyone interested in joining the newspaper we have many openings. newspaper positions that are available include: Reporters, News Writer, Sportswriter, and Layout Editor. Anyone who is interested in a position contact the Southern News email address found at the bottom of the opinions page.  

This semester has started out pretty rough, from not one but two storms which resulted in a really bad heatwave. A heatwave that carried us through the first few days of classes and now with cooler weather on the horizon. I am reminded of metaphors and symbolism from my English classes as I was moving in as well.  Expectations for the new year started out with excitement but soon I was in a whirlwind of activities and occurrences that made my first weeks overwhelming. As the weather was giving us storms, I was reminded that life is similar. We cannot have all sunshine and when the storms come, we must remember we always have support from others even from people we have not met. This is normal, though there will always be bad days in between the good days. For the first years who may be nervous or homesick, it is completely normal to have such feelings and that feeling of hopelessness will be something that will happen eventually, but being able to push yourself through it is part of the college experience that will prepare you for a successful life post-college. After the storm and the rain, the sun will eventually shine.   

I am not saying that college will be this constant feeling of being overwhelmed, there will be amazing days and these amazing days will be the moments you will always remember and cherish. There will be classes you will love and will be excited to attend and there will be ones that you will hate and want to drop, however; it is the hard choices and experiences that help you grow as a person.   

College is a space where one can learn from their actions outside of the classroom. Learn the likes and dislikes of life without the pressures of anyone else. This past year has been hard on everyone and being able to return to campus and have a “new normal” is something that not just first years need but also returning students.  

As this year develops, expect fun, hard times, laughter, tears and friendships. But also expect that you will work really hard on something that you will expect a positive grade but end up with disappointment. This comes with college.  

There will be excitement this semester too. Excitement for the many events being put on; attending a game, homecoming, joining a new club and so much more. There are so many possibilities for coming back to campus and being here for the first time. While things may look different due to COVID-19, the university has implemented many different ways the campus will hold fun events and even classes. This year does not have to be terrible, instead, make the most of being back on campus because last year felt like forever and being able to be in this moment where the university is re-open is very exciting. The Southern News’ staff is very excited to work with the university in putting out great papers each week for everyone to read.  

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