Alum opens Jaigantic Studios

Danielle Campbell Online Assistant

Jaigantic Studios is planning to plant its roots in the Fair Haven community of New Haven. The studio is head by actor and Southern Alumni, Michael Jai White. The CIO of the project is also a Southern Alumni, Jackie Buster.  

Southern students should look at these two as an example of what you get when you continue to keep in touch with your classmates. That kind of collaboration is possible when you network while you are in school and keep up with those connections. It is also achieved by student involvement and being seen around campus exposing you to students you may not have met otherwise.  

Deciding to have this studio in New Haven is a big deal for the city, state, and the students of Southern. After attending an info session on the plans for the studio on September 1, it was clear to see that this studio was going to change how people saw New Haven. More importantly, it was going to change how New Haven saw itself.  

There is a culture and talent in New Haven that often goes untapped and unnoticed. Students may not hear of the events and hidden gems around the city. Having a film studio may help create a better infrastructure to know of events going on in the city and an incentive to get involved.  

This film studio will be a chance for students, at all levels, to see an industry they admire up close. Jaigantic plans on having an apprenticeship where they cycle people through six months in one area and six months in another. The first six months will be rotating through multiple types of jobs on a film set and the remaining six months are in one specific discipline.  

Internships can be tricky and experience in the creative space often is missing for many students. The city is rich with culture but can sometimes feel mundane. Now, students have job opportunities in a field that they would not have better access to. A field that they recognize and isn’t an everyday occupation. It comes with excitement, professional experience, and an industry that we know and love but may never see up close.  

This experience is paid and will help the people of New Haven and especially Southern students in majors related to the field of film/tv. Even if students aren’t directly interested in specific film jobs there is a place for them. The Jaigantic team spoke about the need for industry involvement that people often don’t talk about. Jobs in areas such as food, sanitation, hospitality, and a large list of other areas that will need experienced workers and novice workers.  

Jaigantic Studios is a great opportunity for students who want to get experience in a career, but also the student who needs a job to help pay for college. There are plans for the industry around the studio to be massive. Southern students will have plenty of places to look for work during the school year. This may aid the student who needs a job but has a hard time looking for work. The student who needs good pay but might want a new space to occupy than the fast food or hospital opportunities.  

Having a movie studio in New Haven, created by Southern alumni could be a confidence booster. It isn’t too often we know the big names in a recognizable industry we take in every day. Netflix has already started using the facility in Shelton. Southern students should prepare themselves to be exposed to a fresh new idea of New Haven pride and life after college.  

Photo Caption: Jaigantic Studios CIO Jackie Buster (second left) talking about the apprenticeship opportunity.

Photo Credit: Danielle Campbell

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