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Good Grief: musical production begins

Sofia RositaniEditor-In-Chief

The Theatre department had call backs for the musical they are preparing for in October.  

“You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” will be the next musical the theatre department and Crescent Players are hosting in October. This will be the first musical they have had a live audience to perform for since 2019.  

“What has to happen this year, we are fortunate that it’s three feet and mask, so we are doing really good with that. Last year was 20 plus feet and mask and it worked out,” Associate Professor, Larry Nye, Director choreographer for the musical said.  

Nye said the musical that was put on last year was “Songs for a New World” which was streamed live online which was a unique experience  

Originally, the musical was supposed to be “Into the Woods” but due to certain scenes not being possible to do this year, due to COVID-19, they all agreed on “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.”  

“We were supposed to do ‘Into the Woods’ this year and we had a meeting before school started as to what should we do to go ahead, and so I thought ‘You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown’ because there are no love scenes, nobody has to hold hands and make out and get close. So, it’s a show that we can keep social distancing and still continue with the musical,” Nye said.  

The musical is based around the comic strip created by Charles Schultz, which developed into cartoons, the most famous being “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” The musical has been out since 1967 and has gotten awards for production since the opening of the show. The production is meant for a small cast, along with an uncomplicated set design.  

Vice President of Crescent Players, Leah Herde, was relieved when she got the callback for the musical and is really excited to have the chance to perform again.   

“I’m so excited. It’s been so long since I have done a show for a live audience. And I’m just so excited,” Herde said.  

Herde said while performing she “feeds” off the audience’s energy and being able to do that again makes her feel thrilled to be in the musical. Herde got the role of Peggy Jean.  

Theater major Tom Sigano, a senior, said that this is his first time auditioning for a role in a musical at the university. He has done musicals and plays in the past but mainly with the camera operating crew. He also has done work outside of the university. During his interview, he mentioned that he was not picky about the role he plays in the musical and that he is looking forward to seeing everything return to how it once was pre COVID-19.  

“We’ve gotten through a lot of obstacles. We can get through this one,” Sigano said.  

“We picked our musicals based on the interest of the students and the budget I think are the two main ones. A lot of it has to do with the rights we can get, what we think is going to be helpful for our students educationally and experimentally,” Assistant stage manager Ariana Harris, a senior, said.  

Harris said that the next play the department is hoping to do is a gender bent version of a work by William Shakespeare. After that will be the student directed plays that are put on every Spring.  

Harris is looking forward to seeing a live audience from the stage again.   

Assistant stage manager Callie Hoyt, a junior, said, “I’m looking forward to seeing a show come together on the stage again rather than watching it virtually.” 

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