No spring break casues more stress for students

Abby EpsteinManaging Editor

Spring break should be two weeks away, but not this semester. Last semester, an email composed by Vice President for Student Affairs Tracee Tyree was sent out by Patrick Dilger informing students spring break would be canceled.

On March 5, an email composed by Dean of Students Jules Tetrault was sent by Dilger remind-ing students that March 15-21 is no longer the break many look forward to. With the pandemic, it made sense to can-cel spring break. Many students do go out of state and it would be impossible to keep track of students, which would most likely result in having to quarantine residential students.

I am glad that the uni-versity decided to add an extra week at winter break to make up for the lost week in March. Other schools that took away spring break decided that school would end a week earlier, which I would have preferred because going from January to May without a break is a long while.

I did a story earlier this semester on how students felt about not having many breaks this semester and many were happy to be home with family and friends for a week longer. They also mentioned how it was three weeks into the semester and stress was setting in. Knowing that there is no break until school ends seemed to be draining to them.

Fall semester seemed to be cut short because students were sent home at Thanksgiving to finish classes virtually. Many students were home before winter break started and I personally started break the second I hopped on a plane.

The decision to take away spring break was smart because it is a health and safety issue for the entire university community. Many students understand why the university made the decision to get rid of spring break. Spring break is usually the break students receive either after midterms which allows them to decompress after a stressful week. If it is the week before midterms, then it gives students time to clear their heads and time to study without having to worry about attending class.

This year has been full of changes and adapting to new situations. Students have known there is not going to be a spring break this semester, giving them time to mentally prepare.

However, when finals start, I am sure many students are going to wish they had a spring break.

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