Semester without sports

Mike NevilleSports Editor

The fall semester for the Owls has been anything but ordinary. COVID-19 ended fall sports before they could even begin.

The only thing the athletes could do is practice and keep their fingers crossed that COVID-19 will not steal spring sports away too.

Although the Owls have attempted to keep athletics relevant through the “Owl or Nothing” podcast and Athletes Fighting Injustice, a feeling of hopelessness has been felt throughout campus.

The campus community is not the only one that is struggling with the fact that friday night lights, and basketball games at Moore Field House may be a thing of the past.

It is now incredibly hard for athletes to focus and, some of them at least, try to grapple with the fact that their careers as athletes may be over.

In order to play, some athletes have made adjustments and preparations to stay an extra year.

For some athletes, though, this is not the case, and others look at it as a second chance to play the sport they love.

C.J. Seaforth of the men’s basketball team plans on coming back for one final year to continue his collegiate career.

Seaforth said that when his time at the university comes to an end, he plans on going to Europe to play basketball overseas.

Although many do not have the same aspirations as Seaforth and others, the way that I look at it, it is like this is a redemption tour.

This is an opportunity for athletes to showcase their talents one more time in front of the big stage and essentially rewrite history.

By rewrite history, I mean getting the most out of an extra year and putting COVID-19 behind us once and for all.

The spring semester now has its own set of concerns. While the country awaits a new administration to tackle COVID-19, athletes await a verdict on whether they will have an opportunnity to compete.

For now, all we can do is reflect. For the Owls, they can reflect on the success the programs have had, and look ahead to a future.

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