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Voting should be a responsibility, not an option

Sofia RositaniArts & Entertainment Editor

This year’s election has been tiring, it feels like the ending of an Epic Rap Battle of History video; “who wins, who loses, you decide.”

As a registered voter and it being my first election, people may think I was excited to vote and wave my rights high like the American flag, but that was the complete opposite, and I am not the only one who felt this way.

“I feel disillusioned by this election,” said Samian Quazi, a 32-year-old psychiatric nurse from Houston. “We don’t really have any good choices. Neither candidate is really addressing any issues or offering any hope for this country to really make people’s lives better,” according to BBC America.

I am just like Quazi. I do not like President Donald Trump, but I also do not like Vice President Joe Biden either.

I did end up voting and choosing the night before to do it was my mistake, but I knew I was registered to vote already.

I was aware that I could go to my local polling station, but I had no clue who I was going to vote for – and will not say who I voted for – but I was feeling the pressure of who to vote for not just from friends but also my family, which is one reason why I was originally not going to vote.

“Voting might make you feel good and powerful, he said, but the status quo will always remain intact: “I don’t feel like playing along. I don’t believe that we will ever be offered candidates that are interested in societal health. I can’t imagine the system producing politicians that I could vote for in good faith,” said Hrant Papazian, an immigrant from Armenia, who went through a civil war in Lebanon.

These two are one of the many stories on BBC America’s website of registered voters not using their right to vote. I can see why they would decide not to do it either. This year’s election is a joke compared to the ones prior, and I can honestly say I am ready for it to be over and wait another four years until we talk about it again.

“It’s very easy to see when money and power within a party come into play to suppress young people,” she said.

“We’re essentially being guilted into voting for Joe Biden and for whomever the Democratic Party chooses when, throughout the primary season, young people were overwhelmingly ignored.”

I will say with 100 percent certainty that since this year started, the pressure to vote for Biden has been crazy. Like the other day, I went to Barnes and Nobles to get this book and the first book I saw going in was about Biden. I have never seen this much pressure to push people to vote and vote for a certain candidate in my life, everywhere you go it is all about voting for him.

This election has been crazy especially with Nevada, who took their sweet time with the voting counts.

But I am happy I changed my mind to vote in the end because being a part of something like an election is something many people in other countries cannot relate to so when I went to the polls, I did it for all those who could not vote.

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