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Predicting the aftermath of the 2020 ELECTION results

Mike NevilleSports Writer

The biggest presidential election in the history of the United States is over just as quickly as it began – and it’s been very dramatic.

There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Joe Biden, or should I say President-elect Joe Biden, which will surely take some getting used to for everyone.

Many Biden supporters took to the streets to support his nomination as president elect when the Associated Press called the race.

Unlike previous elections in the history of our nation, this election was not drawn out over a few hours, but several days. It wasn’t until four days after the election that the projected winner was finally announced.

Social media continued to buzz over the tweets of President Donald Trump, who claimed victory during the early hours of election night.

This election truly was special. More people voted this year than ever before, but what followed were concerns of potential hysteria from an already divided nation.

Before the election, thousands of businesses around the U.S had closed its doors, and boarded up windows as precautions.

Cities like New York and Portland fortified key businesses with solid wood and steel to keep potential rioters out.

If Trump were to be re-elected, people online speculated about the possibility of a civil war.

Biden’s election comes with its own problems, as millions of Trump supporters are calling for the election to be handled in supreme court, due to reports of fake ballots being put through.

We may not see violent protests in the streets, although it is always a possibility.

Going into the election, Biden’s main point in his campaign was being able to contain COVID-19, even if this meant shutting down the economy.

A second shut down of the nation could once again cause the economy to plummet, but further disagreement between the two sides could occur.

In my opinion, this has been due to President Trump’s melancholy approach to handling COVID-19, even brushing it off as nothing more than a common cold after contracting it himself.

One thing that Biden’s election could do is put a halt to COVID-19 once and for all, if he works with Anthony Fauci for a common goal.

The only thing I think is scarier than more riots and violence in the streets are Biden’s plan for taxes and minimum wage, which will strike a chord with some.

So regardless of who won the election, there is bound to be some rioting on each side. We just have to wait and see what happens next.

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