SGA discusses updated pass/fail policy

Desteny MaraghReporter

The Student Government Association discussed the pass/fail policy and what it means for students at their weekly meeting.

“The university has approved the pass/fail policy with a 41 to three vote, meaning students will be able to declare their classes pass or fail after finals, based on their department’s rules,” said Gossman.

Gossman said there will be a web form posted that lists all the information, such as classes that aren’t up for the pass/fail option and how choosing that student option may affect your acceptance to grad schools.

She said the next steps are to “find out more about the departments and determining which ones will be a part of pass/ fail option and making sure students are aware of what they are really signing up for.”

As of right now, Wednesday Dec. 16 will be the last day students can change to pass/fail.

Gossman also shared updates on her progress working towards a revision of Southern’s world language requirement.

Gossman said she met with LEP committee on Thursday, Oct. 29, and presented the PowerPoint from last semester.

The PowerPoint listed several reasons and statistical data to support the push for a world language requirement revision.

Gossman said the “next steps are to meet with [Resha] Cardone, head of World Language Department to listen to the presentation.”

The weekly meeting was held Friday, Oct. 30 at 1 p.m., via WebEx.

Gossman said there are two upcoming events that she asks everyone in her organization to “try to attend if possible.”

One is the food pantry volunteering event, which will be held Friday Nov. 13 from 3 p.m. till 5 p.m.

The other is the Ally to Accomplice event, set to be held Nov. 2 at 1 p.m., online.

Next in the meeting, SGA treasurer Paige Tetro gave her report and updated the meeting on what she has been working on this week.

Tetro handles the allocation of funds for SGA to other groups who request their aid. She said she received four proposals this week.

“Esports club requesting $50 for three different types of gift cards for Super Smash Bros Tournament, we approved their request,” said Tetro.

The nursing organization on campus requested aid for an event, but Tetro said they “had to get more clarification from them on the said event, so it’s not approved yet.”

The Global Brigades wants to hold a virtual event from outside the country, which requires more of an in-depth clarification process; to truly acquire access for an international event, Tetro said “it’s in the process of getting approved.”

The last request came from the American Sign Language Club, which was requesting money for gift cards and a social media takeover event.

Tetro said she “had to deny them request because they did not specify why they needed it and also did not get the copyright for the movie.”

SGA representative Will Valois, also gave his weekly report. He spoke about video ideas for students in quarantine to lift their spirits and to remind them that they are not alone in this time, and as a university we do care and empathize with them.

Valois also said “WSIN radio asked to collaborate on a project or event.” He said they discussed with them vigorously and found it was “beneficial to do so.”

Valois ended his report speaking about other organizations that SGA can collaborate with and how they can further be of allies to other organizations around campus.

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