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New SGA representatives

Desteny MaraghReporter

The Student Government Association held elections and the new representatives for the undergraduate student body have been elected.

Undecided Kyle Thaxton, a freshman, is one of the new representatives at large.

Thaxton is still exploring the realms of education history or business administration as possible major paths.

“I serve as one of the many elected SGA Representatives-at-Large at Southern,” Thanxton said. “The role of every SGA Representative is to represent the student body and ensure that their concerns and voices are heard and acknowledged by the school administration and faculty.”

He said he is here to empower his peers so they receive an equitable and memorable education.

“As a member of the Board of Student Experience, I have a responsibility to raise students’ concerns about things that impact their general experience, excluding academics, at Southern,” said Thanxton.

He “wanted to become more involved on campus and hone my leadership skills. Also, I really wanted to be a voice for the LGBTQ+ community and for other marginalized groups that may feel as if their voice has been lost in the chaos of today’s world.”

“One of the many goals that I have is to ensure that the North Campus Townhouses that we use for our school’s COVID-19 protocols are appropriately meeting the needs of our isolated and quarantined students,” said Thaxton.

He said he uses Instagram as a tool to make students aware of what he has accomplished.

“As an individual representative and what SGA have done or plans to do in the future,” said Thaxton. “I think we need to continue to develop a strong link between SGA and the student body and I hope that I can be a major contributor in this effort,” he said.

Thanxton said he is hoping to “see more social justice events” like the Black Lives Matter, one that was held earlier this month.

“I intend to hold the school administration accountable for any policies that go against or contradict its social justice message,” said Thanxton.

Another new rep at large is political science and economics major Michelle Morales, a sophomore.

Morales said she now sits on the Board of Student Experience. Her position overall as an SGA Represntatives is to act as a liaison between the student body and the university by being a voice for her peers.

“I identify with several populations present on campus such as the first gen and Latinx community, and I wanted to see more people like me in leadership positions to not only reflect our diverse student body but to also empower others to get involved,” she said.

Morales said her goal is to help make Southern a more diverse and inclusive place.

“SGA reps have an opportunity to have a seat at the table,” said Morales. “When important conversations are happening, we can advocate for student needs and improve our experience here at Southern.”

She said she hopes to bring more attention to commuter issues, given that commuters make up a significant portion of the population at Southern.

“I also want all students to feel supported during these difficult times by listening and voicing their concerns,” said Morales.

Another new rep is sociology major Andreina Barajas Novoa, a freshman.

“I wanted to advocate for the needs of commuter students and to help Southern achieve what it means to be a social justice University,” said Novoa.

She said she believed the only way to accomplish both things were to join SGA and help be the change she wants to see.

“My goal is to put words into action by advocating for commuter students and people of color,” said Novoa. “It’s important to ensure that SGA is composed of a diverse set of students being in terms of ethnicity or commuter/resident status.”

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