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Halloween ACTIVITIES build community

Donovan Wilson Reporter

Halloween season is one that usually excites college students, but this year things are much different. The campus is doing its part to help kids adapt.

On Monday Oct. 19, there was a Halloween themed social event on campus titled “Nightmare On Farnham Street.”The event was hosted by Farnham RA Aleeki Shortridge in the Farnham residential hall building.

“Since nothing’s going on, I wanted us to be able to do something as a floor that includes social distancing. I love my socials in the lobby, it helps make life as normal as possible for the freshmen,” Shortridge said.

The event encouraged everyone to come in costume, just like a normal Halloween celebration. The host herself dressed as what she referred to as the “devil that wears Prada.” While not all students came in costumes, a group of students did arrive dressed as fairies.

“Our RAs are awesome at building a community aspect. It helps us to chill out and get out of the routine of homework,” said psychology major Connor Elci, a freshman.

Besides celebrating the holiday, one of the major aspects of the event was building community in a time of isolation. Providing activities for the residents to do together helps them to meet people and feel less alone. It seems important to RAs and residents alike that these events help them meet their community.

This event included many Halloween-themed activities this included pumpkin painting, and making slime. The students were then allowed to take their creations home.

“I came because I didn’t want to do my homework. It’s a good way to interact during COVID-19 and have somewhat of a normal college feel to things,” said psychology major Kaytlyn Caban, a freshman.

As with many socials, food was a key aspect. The food served were fun sized bags of chips and candy. The drink selection was water and Hugs juice.

Music was also a part of this event. The night started with Halloween-themed pop songs and transitioned into a playlist of Disney Halloween themed songs. The rest of the night was a spattering of general hits ranging from Michael Jackson to BTS to many other popular culture themes.

“It’s just very fun and creative and makes us as creative as possible and helps us meet new people,” said special education major Nitza Pinto, a freshman.

The entire lobby was covered in Halloween place mats. That tied in with the music, candy and costumes really made the whole thing feel like a giant celebration of Halloween.

As always, social distancing was applied here. All attendees were required to be wearing their masks and stay six feet apart at all times. All this allowed for a healthy environment to meet new people.

Photo credit: Bria Kirklin

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