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Phase three is good for Connecticut’s progress

Donovan Wilson Reporter

Connecticut is getting ready to enter it’s much anticipated phase three of its reopening plan on Oct. 8 and the numbers are low enough to justify this.

Restaurant capacities are going up from 50 to 75 percent. As the amount of people who can be at an indoor gathering increases, it would only make sense that a more monitored facility be able to fit in more people.

Outdoor event venues such as amphitheaters, will now be able to operate at 50 percent rather than 25. This makes even more sense than restaurants as it is outside and helps keep people connected while also safe.

Indoor performing arts venues will begin to open in this phase as well, operatimg at 50 percent capacity.

This one worries, me as it encourages indoor concerts which will definitely further the spread of germs and pathogens more than anything else.

Bars are remain closed but walk up bars at events will now be allowed. I think this is good as bars are a major component of our lives and drinking is something that a lot of people enjoy, especially during a pandemic we need some kind of relief from our daily lives.

Graduations can now be held indoors with a cap of 200 people. This personally makes me very happy as a senior because I think it provides motivation for a currently stressed group of students.

All in all, most likely the decisions being made aren’t necessarily huge, it is partially why I’m for it. It allows the state to test the waters before possibly implementing more changes in the coming future. This will all depend on this phase’s impact on the COVID-19 numbers.

The only slight worry in my mind is the massive jumps in capacity. Most places that are able to jump up in capacity are going up by 25 percent from whatever percent was previous.

We should have only gone up by 10 just to see if there were any complications before drastically upping the allowance of people into certain vicinities.

As long as numbers stay low, this can cause a lot of good in a way of keeping people controlled. Allowing easier congregations in controlled public areas will cut down on people congregating illegally and participating in things that may up the number count more rapidly. We need to keep the people controlled in order to keep the virus controlled.

Realistically, this does not change much in the way of where we can go and do. Realistically, this only changes the amount of people who can go where we’ve been able to go for the better part of the last 6 months. The capacity of people in one area is a major component in terms of the status of COVID-19 and should not go unnoticed or ignored.

All and all, Phase 3 is a major step in terms of the infrastructure of Connecticut working towards a more open state with more of our old lives and routines being back into play.

It may not seem like much to the general public’s eye, but it is a safe and integral move for our state to be taking and it will help get our economy up and running once more again.

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