university must follow through on social justice

Jessica Guerrucci Editor-in-Chief

Universities are not spared of racism or violence. As a school that prides itself as one that values social justice, it is critical that it follows through on that.

Last week, the Scholar Strike happened. The movement, according to CNN, is designed to bring recognition to the mounting numbers of deaths of African Americans and others by excessive use of violence and force by police.

Personally, I’m glad to see that faculty members stepped up, because like I said, universities have their own fair share of racism and violence. For those faculty members to step aside from their regular duties and educate students on social justice – well, it is what being a social justice university should mean.

Then another point of discussion on campus has been the Black Lives Matter Banner. Students have told me that they are upset the one over the bridge was removed.

However, a permanent one is going on the side of the library.

Is that enough? That seems to be the question on campus. However, it is a step that should have been taken.

Then we have the Instagram account @blackatsouthern that began in June where Black students or people of color, both past and present shared anonymous stories which were posted to the account – and it is powerful.

The stories on the account are sometimes hard to read and the page has a trigger warning.

The account sheds light on issues that many people can be ignorant too since they are not facing them firsthand, but it certainly does not mean they are not happening every day.

I hope whoever runs the account continues to share those stories because they need to be heard and I encourage students to continue to speak up when they experience injustice.

How the university chose or chooses to respond to the content shared on that account is another issue at hand.

As a university, I hope we keep pushing for more and taking steps forward, even if they are small, to fight against injustices and make campus a safe space.

Whether it’s having virtual talks or strikes, we should always keep discussing and educating people on campus in regards to social justice matters.

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