parties will be held despite covid-19 regulations

Essence Boyd Online Editor

After signing contracts agreeing to keep the community safe by wearing masks and receiving countless emails about the consequences of large gatherings during COIVD-19 parties did not seem like much of a concern.

However, once arriving back on campus it was clear this college tradition was not going anywhere despite how much trouble it could get one into.

Being honest the question was never, “will college students party?” rather than “how long would it take for a party to be thrown” and more importantly, “how would the university react?”

With a lack of face-to-face events on campus, a lack of in person classes and even a lack of connection; a sense of normalcy is something every college and university student is in desperate need of today and for some, parties seem to be the solution to this issue.

The idea of campus parties being a “super spreader” and a breeding ground for the virus was always a concern.

Even prior to students being on campus however, it was not until universities such as the University of Alabama and the University of Connecticut reported numerous COVID-19 cases in students, faculty and staff that the actual damage these large gatherings could do was revealed.

In addition to infecting many healthy people with COVID-19, campus parties could also bring the current long-awaited semester to an end sooner than expected.

Although there is not a set number that will send students home, an unexpected surge in cases could.

After being stuck in quarantine for months on end it is no surprise that once on campus students automatically gravitated towards the remaining sense of normalcy left, but temporary happiness is risking the safety of the people around them.

Since opening back up two weeks ago, there have been many parties on and off campus in which many students have been attending in secret.

Although students are to blame for their own actions, the same rules students were needed to sign and abide by are being broken without any consequences. At this point the issue is no longer selfish residents but a failure to keep students safe by the university.

I understand partying is rooted into college tradition and to think students would not try to party would be naïve. However, I did expect students to be more caring for not only their own lives but the ones around them.

According to an email sent to students by President Joe Bertolino, “Southern is deeply committed to protecting our community and our neighbors in greater New Haven.

So I want you to be aware that any student, student organization, athletic or club sport team hosting a large off-campus gathering will be subject to both law enforcement action and an immediate interim suspension – leading to possible suspension or expulsion under our COVID-19 enforcement policy.”

To my understanding numerous people have tried to report parties on and off campus with the intention of doing the job of the university but have not been given the assistance and protection that was promised.

Callers have been told by university people that they cannot do anything about off campus parties as they are outside of their jurisdiction.

However, what about the parties taken place on campus? Or even the cases taken place inside of Southern’s very own residential halls?

Even though “my mask protects you and your mask protects me,” the irresponsible actions of few can and will affect the lives of many.

As stated in a campus-wide email, “simply put, all of us have invested too much in the success of this new semester to see it thrown away by the actions of a an uncaring and selfish few.”

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