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Southern students say college students deserve a stimulus check

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A $2 trillion relief bill was signed in order to put money into the hands of Americans. Out of that $2 trillion, most college students will not receive any

According to an article from The New York Times, if a child is claimed as a dependent over the age of 16, the parents receive no compensation for them As a result, many college students will receive no money.

“My sister and I are both in college and are definitely upset that neither us nor our parents will be getting anything,” said psychology major, Chloe Weston, a junior. “I believe college students should get money to be able to support themselves at this time.”

While many students went back home during this pandemic, they are out of jobs and so are some of their parents.

“Our family business has been closed, so not only do my parents have to pay the rest of my tuition for the semester, they have to support us as I am out of work too,” said Weston.

Stimulus Checks Infographic (1)One student, Michaela Ucich, is not claimed by her parents meaning she will receive some of the stimulus package.

“I would have been in seriously in trouble having to pay monthly bills and rent with no stimulus check,” said communication major Michaela Ucich, a junior.

There are different variations of the stimulus package depending on the household’s income. The New York Times stated that a single adult who gross $75,000 or less will receive the full amount while a married couple with children who gross $150,000 or less will receive $2,400.

“If you are qualified as a dependent clearly your parents still pay for you and in that case your parents should get the money,” said marketing major, Isabella Pitarra, a senior. “Since most college students are back home, bills at home will go up and parents need money for that.”

Weston said students had to move out of the dorms and find housing or the students living off campus may have trouble paying for rent and utilities.

“Although we are one of the lucky ones and Southern has given some tuition reimbursement for students who have lost housing,”  she said, “I am unsure if that has been received yet which affects students ability to find emergency housing if they are unable to go home.”

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he expects people to start receiving their payments by April 17. Pitarra said the people who need the money the most should be the first ones to receive payments.

“I believe you should receive the extra money if you are in need,” Pitarra said. “People who do not have financial troubles can hold out through this for a little while, let those in need get the money who use the money to pay to keep a house and keep food on the table.”

Many Southern students said college students do not have much money and agree that if anything their parents should receive the money if they are listed as dependents.

“It makes sense if a child is being completely provided for by their parents then the money would go entirely to their parents to continue care” said political science major Brianna Rainey, a junior. “Broke college student is not a funny term, it’s real.”

Graphic: Sam Fix

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