The university addresses the coronavirus risk

Jessica Guerrucci Managing Editor

“Coronavirus,” the word is stuck in all of our minds, consuming headlines. Since the global risk of spreading and impact has gone from “high” to “very high,” the university has begun to prepare.

President Joe Bertolino said in his letter to the community last week that “immediate risk to the American public and to our students and employees is believed to be low at this time,” which I think was exactly what everyone wanted to hear.

With over 60 cases confirmed in the U.S., although there are none in Connecticut, universities naturally have begun to take action. In our case we created a website with information and health tips, which in reality is all that can be done.

Part of the responsibility will fall on students.

The part where this becomes a bigger university matter is that there are two students in Italy that may need to return as 650 cases have been confirmed there according to ABC News, and other study abroad trips have been suspended.

Without even being a huge threat to campus, the virus is impacting everyone’s lives and it looks like it is not slowing down just yet.

According to a Hartford Courant article, Dr. Michael Ivy, deputy chief medical officer of Yale New Haven Health system said, “There will become a community transmission of coronavirus within the state of Connecticut. That’s just the reality of it, and we would be very unwise not to prepare.”

That is all we can do though, in our own lives and here on campus: just be prepared and take precautionary measures in the little ways we can.

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