ProCon’s ‘Hearts and Darts’ celebrates Valentine’s Day

Amanda Cavoto – Arts & Entertainment Editor

Whether students were single or in a relationship during Valentine’s Day this year, ProCon presented them the opportunity to feel the love with crafts, candy and comfort food.

ProCon offered sweet treats and comfort food for students to celebrate the holiday. An annual tradition, Jenna Dearborne, a daytime programmer for ProCon, said this event has always drawn in a large crowd.

The Hearts and Darts event was hosted on Feb. 11 in Engleman B121 after a scheduling conflict occurred in the original location, the Adanti Student Center ballroom.

With tables filled with DIY Valentine’s Day cards, picture frames, markers and colored pencils used in last year’s event, Dearborne said she wanted it similar to previous years but added in her own twist with new food options.

“I wanted to serve comfort food. When you think of Valentine’s Day you think of some chicken, you want some mac and cheese,” said Dearborne.

ProCon also served salad and fruit as a part of the meal.

Biology major Jessica Schreiber, a senior, said that although she loves the free food at the ProCon events, the crafts were her favorite part.

“I love Valentine’s Day. Also I love the ProCon events,” said Schreiber. “I can always find someone to go with me.”

English major Chloe Lecy, a junior, attended the event with Schreiber and said the crafts brought her to the event.

“The idea sounded really cute since Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I like that they have crafts, it’s really cute,” said Lecy. “Especially because I don’t have a lot of time in my schedule to do stuff like this.”

Elementary education major Lauren Ferraguto, a sophomore, said she likes to go to ProCon events because members of her sorority often attend.

“I just saw it was going on through Instagram and I just thought it would be fun to stop by make some crafts, hangout with some friends, meet new people,” said Ferraguto.

The crafts were also an appeal to Ferraguto, as they were advertised in ProCon’s Instagram.

“I think it’s fun to take a break from studying and get your mind off things,” Ferraguto said.

When planning the events, Dearborne said she gets ideas from Pinterest, like the DIY photo booth that students could use to take photos at the event. Dearborne began setting up for the event around 8 a.m. the morning of the event to receive the order of candy from Peapod by Stop & Shop for the candy bar that was provided to students. The options consisted of chocolate hearts, lollipops, pop rocks, Twix bars, Milky Ways, Sour Patch Kids and more.

Business management major Valentina Rrapi, a sophomore, said although she wants to attend more ProCon events, she does not use social media so it is harder for her to find out when they are taking place. She said the crafts at the event helped her relax.

“It makes me feel like a kid again,” said Rrapi.

Photo Credit: Roma Rositani


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