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Fiayaz’s second studio album is short but not so sweet

Essence BoydContributor

Grammy nominee 24-year-old Maryland native Christopher Brent Wood, better known as Brent Fiayaz in the music industry, has released his second studio album “F— the World” on Feb. 7 after a year of silence and to sum the album up in one word, it was different.

It is evident that he is moving in a new direction however, whether it is the right direction is yet to be determined.

Fiayaz’s first studio album, “Sonder Son” set the bar high as it was the soundtrack to his life; showcasing all of the lost loves, broken hearts and need for love that makes every artist relatable and exactly what was missing from “F— the World.”

The yearning and lust in “Sonder Son” were replaced with anger and cockiness in “F— the World.” However, one theme that stayed the same was desperation. His constant need to be needed is reflected in both albums — this and Fiayaz’ heavenly voice being the only thing linking the two albums together.

Ten tracks and 26 minutes make up project “F— the World.” Although the album is short, it is anything but sweet.

“Do you know what makes the world go ‘round?” starts the project off in track one “Skyline.” As Fiayaz has disclosed in numerous interviews, he believes everything has a hand in what makes the world operate, the unknown constantly on his mind.

“Think it through/ What it means to you/ And everything you do/ Don’t affect just you, oh.” In the first one minute and 11 seconds of the album Brent has already gotten the audience thinking. Everything has a purpose what is yours?

Track two, “Clouded” is said to be Fiayaz’ tell all track, addressing his constantly asked question. “It was one of those days where I smoked a j, went to the studio, and just let everything out for real,” Fiayaz said in a Vice interview. “Your judgment get clouded when you clouded/My opposition wish I’d stop smilin’/ My family wish I’d stop wildin’/I’m still on the east side smokin’ with my OG’s/’Cause they the only ones that really know me.” This track shows how at war he is with his old life. It is no secret that the money and the fame changes artist and Fiayaz is clearly running away from the change.

The star of this album would have to be track number seven “Rehab (Winter in Paris)” which was released to the public months prior to the album. Fiayaz’s silk like voice paired with cold hearted lyrics will always be a mood: “I got too many hoes/But they ain’t you.” Fiayaz is the sweet-talking toxic ex that you cannot get over. The production of this song is beautiful, and for the first time Fiayaz’s voice is assertive. The give and take between the chorus and melody show a new side of Fiayaz and I am here for it.

From the album cover to the lyrics of “Sonder Son” and “F— the World” are two completely different albums composed and sung by two completely different artist. The evolvement of Fiayaz is evident and although I miss the soft melodies and lyrics filled with love and rejection, Fiayaz’s transition is a lot like the transition from your teens to twenties. Love becomes lust and you learn the truth about the world and just how messed up it really is.

Photo Editor: Izzy Manzo

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