Dean of Arts and Sciences Selection Dissection

Tamonda GriffithsEditor-in-Chief

Last week the Southern community scouted potential candidates for the role of the new dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Candidates, besides current interim dean of arts and sciences Bruce Kalk, hailed from universities of varying sizes and locations.

They participated in forums open the general Southern community, specifically the students, and closed sessions with faculty members of staff.

In the forum I attended, the candidate Anthony “Tony” Lemieux director of the Global Studies Institute, is a professor of Global Studies and Communication at Georgia State University Atl. He talked about his ideas to expand interdisciplinary studies at the university. In addition to myself, one graduate student and group of Student Government Association members were in attendance Now, let me be clear, the students in attendance did ask good questions that is not the issue. My issue is the lack of involvement from the mass population of students who would be greatly affected by potential new dean.

While I admire the optimism of Lemieux, I can’t help but be pessimistic about his and his fellow candidates plans for the college. A lot of the ideas and plans discussed seemed to be in pre-planning stages and were not concrete enough to actually be implemented.


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