F.A.C.E. auditions promotes confidence and individuality

Sofia Rositani – Reporter

Fashionable Artistic Creative Elegance is going to continue their legacy by holding auditions for those who are interested in modeling.

The club was originally formed by the Black Student Union and eventually turned into their own club. The club F.A.C.E is all about diversity and bringing each person’s unique aspects together.

F.A.C.E last held auditions in the previous semester. One of the aspects that many students want when they audition and eventually join the club is a boost in confidence.

“I have been wanting to do it since freshman year, but I never had the confidence to,” said psychology major, Arianna Baldwin, a junior, “so I am hoping that this kind of helps build more confidence for me.”

The club, she said, not only pushes its members to build confidence, but also is inclusive to those who may have ever felt left out or not accepted.

Business management major, Mohamed Hassan, a sophomore, said he felt confident about his audition.

“I thought I had a good sense of style,” he said.

In order to join this club, Hassan said every member should have confidence.

“Even walking, if you have one or more person looking at you, some people tend to mess up or they self-consciously start thinking, ‘Oh let me walk a certain way,’” said Hassan, “but if you have a certain kind of confidence sometimes you just got to fake it and be like ‘I can do this’ and then you just do it.”

Although the club held auditions last semester for general members, most of the executive board are expected to graduate at the end of the semester.

“I felt like I didn’t leave my mark yet honestly,” said club president, Briauna Kline who is graduating this semester. “F.A.C.E has such a big legacy with how we uphold ourselves with elegance and our creativity so I wanted to keep up with the legacy, I wanted to master it and now I want to pass it on to the next people coming and trying out so they know how F.A.C.E is.”

Kline said she wants the next generation of F.A.C.E. to continue that legacy and does not want it tainted after she and other the members have graduated.

Public Relations Manager of F.A.C.E. Quentin Kelly said the first time he joined F.A.C.E, he felt very liberated and enjoyed being involved with other students who are comfortable being comfortable with themselves.

“Come in here, work hard, don’t worry about how you look,” Kelly said. “I mean I know its modeling but at the end of the day always be yourself no matter how you look, how you walk, whatever just make sure you are trying to be your best self.”

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