Taste of New Haven excites students palate

Ellie SherryReporter

A Taste of New Haven was an event run by the Programs Council at Southern that allowed students to try new foods from the area.

Computer science major Christopher Caron, a senior, attended the event.

“We run events like this to give students an opportunity to try foods around New Haven before they go and spend money on it,” said Caron. “Also, it gives students the opportunity to eat food outside of what is being given out on campus.”

This event offered a wide variety of food from Mexican to Chinese to pizza. The vendors included Pizza Heaven, Archie Moore’s Bar and Restaurant, Insomnia Cookies, Salsa Fresca, Ali Baba’s Fushion and Hing Wah. According to Caron, these restaurants were chosen by using a polling system.

“My team and I will post a poll on ProCon’s social media asking what venders or food items would be students like to see at this event,” he said, “then from there we would pick from those votes.”

The general consensus on favorite foods at the event were provided by Hing Wah and Ali Baba’s Fushion.

Caron also said this was one of the most popular events of the year. Since ProCon started the program, it has always had a large turnout of students.

An anthropology major Christie Accurso, a sophomore, said she was excited to try new foods, but did not know what was going to be there. Accurso said she was ready to try what foods New Haven had to offer.

Communications major Rhema Phillips, a sophomore, said she heard about the event through a friend and really enjoyed trying all the different foods the program had to offer. She said her favorite food there was the chicken and rice and that she would be more willing to try new foods in the future since attending this event.

However, according to Caron, a downside to an event like this is it can get expensive depending on the quantity of the food and who is providing it.

According to Caron, this is not the only time free food will be offered at ProCon events. He said there will be more opportunities for free food on campus and that ProCon may consider running more events like A Taste of New Haven because it was so popular.

Photo Credit: Will Aliou

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