Campus wide power outage delays final exams

Essence Boyd – News Editor

Tamonda Griffiths – Editor-in-Chief

A campus wide power outage has postponed finals and shut down the university for the remainder of the afternoon.

According to a campus alert email, United Illuminating Co. reported that the cause of the university power outage was the result of “a power station going offline.” The power outage also extended to other parts of New Haven and Hamden, according to the email statement.

Due to the university closing, afternoon and evening finals that were meant to take place Monday are said to be pushed back to Friday, May 17.

Psychology major Cara Richardson, a freshman, said she realized this power outage was a serious issue when she had heard the water had also turned off.

“Somebody came running out the bathroom saying they couldn’t finish washing their hands because the water just stopped,” said Richardson. “I was like oh wow, this is – we have nothing left.”

According to a campus wide statement sent out by the Director of Integrated Communications & Marketing Patrick Dilger, finals that have been rescheduled to Friday will be held at the same time and location as “there were no previous exams scheduled” during those time periods.

Political science major Tamia Williams, a freshman, said the outage has affected her plans for vacation.

“I [was] supposed to have a final at [3 p.m.],” said Williams, “but now it’s changed [until] Friday at [3 p.m.] and I got a flight to catch on Friday.”

At 2:46 p.m. Dilger said “all power is back on.” However, the university remained closed for the remainder of the day.

Photo Credit: Izzy Manzo

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