Musical Bingo ends in a student winning a TV

Alexandra Scicchitano–Online Editor

Musical Bingo took place on the first night of the semester, Jan. 22, at 8 p.m. in the Adanti Student Center Ballroom. Students gathered to try their luck at getting $1,500 worth of prizes that included a smart TV and a Nintendo Switch. Other prizes included a GoPro, an Apple Watch and an Amazon giftcard.

“It’s bingo time! Stop by the ballroom and play musical bingo with the Office of Student Involvement and have the chance to win $1,500 worth of prizes,” stated the OwlConnect event page.

Daphney Alston, assistant director of clubs and organizations, hosted the event by shuffling through a playlist of mostly old school hip hop and R&B songs for the chance to get a line of songs across, down or diagonal on the students’ Bingo cards.

Some of the featured songs at the event were “BedRock” by Young Money, “Independent Women, Pt. 1” by Destiny’s Child and “Umbrella” by Rihanna. The crowd reacted with excitement and laughter as they heard their old favorite tunes.

The event also offered stickers for the Week of Welcome passport so students could earn prizes.

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development seeks to ensure that all students know of and are engaged in co-curricular opportunities off of and receive rewards for winning, stated Southern’s website about The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development.

“It was great, I had a great time,” said Dan Folchick, a sophomore and marketing major, who won big by winning the grand prize of a smart TV.

Folchick said he has gone to these kinds of events before, such as regular bingo, that the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development hosts, but he did not expect to win big that night.

“I usually go all of the events to test my luck and I guess I got lucky today,” said Folchick, who expressed his happiness about the win.

Folchick said with his new TV, he is going to set it up in his dorm and watch TV on it.

Rebecca Lee, a junior, recreational therapy major,said that she had a good time even though she did not win anything.

“[I went] because I didn’t have that much homework and I wanted to spend time with my friend,” said Lee.

Because of how much time and funding that went into the event, Casey Powers, a senior recreational therapy major, said that she went to get the most out of it.

Both Lee and her friend Powers said that they were both close to winning multiple times throughout the whole event.

“No, I didn’t [win], I was so close,” said Lee.

“I liked it, I liked Bingo,” said Powers, “I was close to winning, [but] I didn’t win.”

Going to these kinds of events, said Lee, can be a good escape from school work and homework that people have to do now that they are back in school.

“It gives [people] a break from school work,” said Lee.

Lee also said that she recommends going to these events because it helps “build friendships” if you go with someone, and also could lead to entirely new friendships.

Lee said that she liked it was Musical Bingo and that it was not like normal Bingo so it was much more fun, but that she also has gone to these events before.

“I liked how they had music for it,” said Lee.

Going to these events are good, Folchick said, “because you never know what can happen.”

Photo Credit: Alexandra Scicchitano

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