Religious demonstration returns

Jacob Waring – Reporter

Mike Stockwell, Long Island resident and member of First Baptist Church of Babylon said his church sent him as a messenger to go all over the world and preach the gospel.

“Diametrically opposed, the Bible goes against Darwinism evolution, it goes against the theory of evolution,” said Stockwell.

A small group congregated near the academic quad throughout the day on Nov. 1 to discuss scripture to those unaware of their sins.

Stockwell, and others, go to public forums all around the world to present their message.

They had signs that stated, ‘Sin Awareness Day,’ ‘Evolution Is A Lie,’ ‘Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out,’ as well as others.

The campus police were nearby to ensure both the demonstrators and the students remain safe and the walkways remained clear.

The group made appearances on campus the previous two years. In the past, they have made their interpretation of the Bible on matters such as abortion, evolution and other topics.

He said they did not change the message based on how people receive it, and tells people what the good news of the gospel is.

Stockwell said the Sin Awareness Day signage was a part of their own mantra.

“That’s our own little thing. We come to the campus, and they have all these awareness days at universities, ours is Sin Awareness day when we come to a university.”

He said the reaction from students is always different. He said some people were listening to what they were saying while others are in disbelief in what they are saying.

He said they believe faith comes from hearing about the word of God and the belief God will save people through the preaching of his word. He said their stance on the theory of evolution is that they do not believe it.

“People think that we’re Christians that we don’t believe in science; that’s a common misconception, we do believe in science. We believe in good science, we believe science is man reading God’s thoughts, or discovering God’s creation after Him,” he said. “We don’t believe in science- fiction, fairytales for adults, evolution and we believe that [God’s] words said that in the beginning, God prayed the heavens and earth in six literal day, and rested on the seventh day. We believe that.”

Freshman Eric Johnson, a computer science major said he has no problem with the demonstrator’s religion, but does not hold their belief.

“This man in particular [Stockwell] I don’t see anything positive,” he said. “He’s trying to argue with it, he’s yelling and he’s not trying to convince someone, he’s trying to force you [to] convert.”

Stockwell said meeting God in the afterlife, but not believing in God while someone is alive does not save a soul, and more statements such as that.

“I laugh at stuff like this because he [thinks] he’s right about it, and I believe he’s wrong,” said Johnson. “I won’t take it away from him if he think he’s right. It think its funny that he’s trying not to convince you at all. He’s just trying to argue with you to get a reaction and it seems to be working with the gathering crowd that’s already coming out.”

Photo Credit: Jacob Waring

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