Students continue the debate of Mac versus PC computers

Alexandra ScicchitanoReporter

Joey Lombardi, a junior, mathematics major, said that he uses a MacBook because he is bad with technology.

“I can barely understand any of that,” said Lombardi. “I can barely understand my own MacBook.”

Lombardi said he has had his Macbook for about five years. He said it feels professional, and uses it to write papers. Dardan Dedushaj, a sopho- more, business marketing major, said that he uses PCs because they are a lot more compatible with everything.

“There’s a lot more to Micro- soft than Apple,” said Dedushaj.

Although he said he hears enough from his friends, Dedushaj said he really is not into the debate between Mac and PC users.

“My dad worked for Dell growing up,” said Jayme Amarore, adjunct professor of sociology.

Amarore said that because of the family connection to the computer company, she used Dell’s PCs when growing up.

Amarore said she is not against Apple computers, and in fact has used them before in her work.

“I’ve been intrigued by them,” said Amarore.

Maeve Kennely, a freshman, communications disorder major, said that she uses a PC right now, but her goal is to switch to Mac at some point.

“I personally like Macs better,” said Kennelly.

Kennelly is not into the argument between the two products, she said, and it does not matter as much as people seem to think. She said they are both just computers.

Mac is more for business use, while PC is for recreational use, said Dedushaj, giving his opinion on the two types of product.

“I use a Dell,” said Ana Nieves, “I couldn’t afford a Mac.”

Nieves, a freshman, journalism major, said she has had good experiences with Apple products. Her plan, she said, is to eventually get a Mac.

“Apple has better quality goods,” said Nieves.

There is a lot more you can do with PC, according to Dedushaj, so he leans more towards Windows, rather than Mac.

“PC is cheaper to maintain,” said Dedushaj.

Macs connect more easily to iPhones compared to PCs, according to both Lombardi and Dedushaj.

Dedushaj said that he uses his PC occasionally for games, and for work he could not accomplish on a Mac.

The Mac preference is popular, considering there were roughly 100 million Mac users reported in 2017 according to Tech Crunch, a technology website.

How it stacks up against Microsoft however, shows a clearer image. The Verge, a technology news outlet, reports roughly 400 million machines running Windows 10.

Since Steve Jobs has passed away, Dedushaj said the products from Apple have gone downhill.

“I think [PCs are] just more to what I’m used to,” said Amarone, “more out of habit, and less of a cost.”

As for getting a Mac anytime soon, Amarone said that she is so used to PCs, that she probably will not.

Although Apple products tend to have a sleeker look, Dedushaj said, cost is a bigger factor as a college student, and PCs are generally cheaper.

He said this is why he decided to get a Microsoft PC for his sister, instead of a Mac.

Dedushaj said, “Macbook is such a waste.”

Photo Credit: Alexandra Scicchitano


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