D’Amico making an impact in freshman year

Hunter Lyle Reporter

At the start of the second half against Queens College, the Southern Connecticut State University Women’s Soccer Team was tied, 0-0. Freshman Kaitlyn D’Amico knew she was going to change that.

In minute 48 of the game, after being fed the ball by junior Kelly Lamb, D’Amico rifled a shot past the opposing goaltender, scoring her first ever official collegiate goal.

Although Queens College eventually tied the game up later in the half, the Owls went on to win the game 2-1. For D’Amico, the game would forever hold a memory of more than just winning.

“Everyone was like ‘you’re going to score Kate, you’re going to score, it’s going to happen,’” said nursing major D’Amico. “So, I wanted to score and I did and it was just so surreal, and I looked at my captain, Mikaela and it was just the best celebration. It was crazy, I didn’t even know what to feel. It was the best feeling ever.”

D’Amico started her soccer career in her formative years, fueling her by passion playing for any team that would take her.

“I have been playing since I was six,” said D’Amico. “I played for rec teams, obviously when I was younger, and then I played for travel and then a premiere team out of Middletown called Sporting.”

Before coming to Southern Connecticut State University, D’Amico attended Middletown High School where she was a three-season athlete playing soccer, tennis and lacrosse. During her high school soccer career, D’Amico was a two-time All-Conference select and helped the Blue Dragons win three conference titles.

Arriving with an impressive resume, long-time coach Adam Cohen looked to personally recruit D’Amico to the team.

“[I recruited her because] Kaitlyn is a fighter,” said Cohen. “She’s athletic and she has a very high soccer IQ.”

Soon after arriving, D’Amico earned a starting spot on the roster, just before the teams second game of the season.

“During preseason, I really pushed for the starting position that I wanted,” said D’Amico, “I wasn’t coming in here thinking that I was going to get it but I worked really hard and now that I have it, for now, I am just going to keep working hard for it.”

D’Amico understands that she has to work for that starting spot every day, said Cohen, a lot of her teammates are very good players as well, so she knows that she has to bring her best effort every day.

“[Being on the team and starting] feels really good. I feels like I finally got that reassurance that what I am doing is good,” said D’Amico. “I love all the girls, they are really supportive and I feel that on and off the field.”

The Southern Women’s Soccer Team used the momentum from the win against Queens College to go on to win their next two games against Saint Mary’s College, 3-1, and the University of New Haven, 1-0, both of which were played in hostile territory.

With 13 games left in the regular season, the Owls look to continue their 3-2 winning streak against the University of Saint Rose in Albany.

Photo Credit: southernctowls.com 







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