Senior discovers interest in the arts

Lynandro SimmonsGeneral Assignment Reporter

Becoming an artist is not everybody’s dream, but some people stumble into the field of art and discover they have a true gift.

August Bonadies, a senior interdisciplinary studies major, said he never planned to study art originally. Bonadies is currently part of a sculpting class at Southern where he has found an interest in the art form.

“I didn’t realize I liked it until I took a class two semesters ago,” said Bonadies.

Even though he did not grow up with an interest in this field his grandfather Anthony Bonadies was a sculptor and also taught at Southern, he said. His grandfather had a studio at his house and also has some of his artwork still at Southern, said Bonadies.

“I always saw his work, but I was never really interest in it,” he said.

What got him into sculpting despite his family connection was the random art class he decided to take. Bonadies said he needed an extra credit one semester and decided an art class would be easy.

“I just really got into it after that,” he said.

After taking a few more art classes he found a passion in art and decided to make art his minor, he said. Once he got into sculpting he enjoyed the freedom that the art form gave him, said Bonadies.

“You have free reign to do whatever,” he said. “Whatever passions you have you can put into a sculpture.”

The multitude of art classes he took helped to open his mind to different ways of thinking, he said. Art and sculpting in particular really helped him to understand visualizing things and putting them together. After becoming more involved in art he understood the importance of thinking more abstractly, said Bonadies.

An up close shot of three of Bonadies’ original paintings. Photo Credit: Lynandro Simmons

In his free time, Bonadies likes to do a lot of woodworking. His involvement in art has helped him to approach his woodworking more artistically, he said. Pursuing a minor in art was also to help him become more proficient in his work should he make a career in woodworking.

“I figured if I had a minor in art it could help to make my business better,” said Bonadies.

While at school Bonadies creates artistic sculptures, but once he leaves he does his real passion – building tables. Bonadies said building live-edge tables and bar tops was his real passion, but sculpting had taught him invaluable lessons.

“It makes you notice little details,” he said. “It makes you see things differently.”

Picking up art as a minor was also helpful to Bonadies in finding a way to include his art with his original passion of building tables. Bonadies said the minor would help to sell his business better and he wouldn’t have to give up one for the other. Though he plans to go into the business of making tables, he hopes to find a way to include his artwork in his designs.

“I’m thinking of getting a wood brander,” said Bonadies. “But I haven’t done that yet, for now it’s in my mind.”

Photo Credit: Lynandro Simmons


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