Southern hosts The Big Event

Josh LaBellaGeneral Assignment Reporter

On Saturday April 22, Southern hosted The Big Event, a community service day where students sign up to help out with different projects across Hamden and New Haven.

Corey Evans, a senior political science major, said the goal of the event is two-fold.

“We want to get the Southern community to learn about what they can do to help,” said Evans. “We also want to let Hamden and New Haven know that we are committed to being a social justice university.”

Evans, who is the commissioner of Southern’s service commission, said there were almost 300 volunteers that were sent around to go to animal shelters, clean up parks, paint and much more. He said planning the event is stressful but he loves to see it come together.

“I’ve been doing this event for four years,” said Evans. “I learned that the SCSU community are definitely willing to show up and help out, especially when working with clubs and organizations.”

Mishele Rodriguez, a junior political science major, said putting on the event is a long and tough process but it is well worth it.

“I love to give back to the community,” said Rodriguez. “Events like this are vital to the community. Maybe by giving back some students will find out it is their passion and will want to do it for the rest of their lives.”

According to Jordan Cowles, a sophomore studying communications, said he heard about the vent through his fraternity TKE.

“We thought it would be a great way to give back to the community,” said Cowles. “I did this last year with my inquiry class and it really brought us all together. That’s why I am so willing to come back. It’s bonding over community service.”

Bryce Gentino, a sophomore engineering major, said he got involved through the community service commission and he loves the people he works with.

“I believe a lot can get done in one day if people are willing to work hard,” said Gentino. “Rachel Noto and Corey Evans take on a lot of the responsibility and should be commended.”

According to Alyssa Kegley, a senior public health major, The Big Event is exciting because it shows how Southern’s different clubs and organizations can ban together to benefit the surrounding community.

“I love that we get to go out and help the community,” said Kegley, “I’ve done a lot of service at Southern but it’s the most rewarding when you get to go out into New Haven.”

Rachel Noto, a graduate intern at Central Connecticut State University studying higher education and student development, was one of the people in charge of coordinating the event. Her second year participating, Noto said her favorite part is seeing it all come together and being able to have conversations with students about their service.

“We want students to take something out of the day,” said Noto. “It’s not just a trash pick-up, they are really getting involved.”

Photo Credit: Palmer Piana


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