Finding the most comfortable spots on campus

Melissa NunezOpinions and Features Editor

Haroon Chaudhry, a sophomore international business major minoring in communication and president of the Muslim Student Association, said between his studies, his leadership roles on campus and being a student athlete it is hard to find time time for leisure, but in the time he manages to scrounge up, he enjoys the game room inside the student center. He said he will usually call his friends and they will meet in there to play pool or ping pong.

Chaudhry added he also likes to unwind and enjoy a meal towards the back of the of the plaza level of the student center. Chaudhry said he prefers to eat there because of the comfy couches and televisions. He added that it is also an ideal place to relax because it is quiet.

“It’s a comfy place and a quiet environment so nobody distracts you,” said Chaudhry. “If you sit in the front, people are so loud in there, so it will distract you.”

As for sophomore athletic training major Mimi Gilbert, the crowds are what attracts her to the student center.

“There’s usually a bunch of people around,” said Gilbert, “so there is usually always someone to sit with and hang out with in between class.”

Sivan Tepper, a sophomore nursing major, agreed, saying the spacious, versatile environment makes it a practical place to head to after class.

“It’s where a lot of people who are commuters hang out in between classes,” said Tepper, “or there’s food if you need to grab something really fast.”

But Gilbert said her favorite spot to relax on campus may always not be the most practical. As a resident student who gets six meal swipes a week allotted to the student center, she usually reserves them all for Dunkin Donuts, so while she would prefer to eat more at the student center, it is a luxury that can become too expensive.

Kyra Robinson, a sophomore political science major, said as she has more downtime to spend on campus recently, she has found some ideal spots to lay low. When she is looking for a quiet place to study, she said she will meet her friends on the third floor of the Hilton C. Buley Library, towards the back.

Robinson added the Science Building is also a great quiet hideaway to go and study. She said not many students go in there, so she will find a small room and keep to herself.

When grabbing a bite to eat, Robinson said she likes to go to her dorm, but if she is on campus she prefers the area by the coffee station in Con Hall because it is secluded and quiet.

Photo Credit: Dylan Haviland


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