SCSU men’s basketball team under review by NCAA for fight incident

Edgar Ayala – Sports Editor

A total of 39 days have passed and still no word on the incident.

Last month, on March 12, Southern Connecticut’s men’s basketball team were involved in a brawl that occurred at the end of the Owls’ 92-90 loss in the first round game of the NCAA Division II East region tournament against Saint Thomas Aquinas College.  

The massive fight broke out after Chaz Walter scored the game-winning layup as time expired to give the Spartans their victory over the Owls, and break the 90-90 tie that sent St. Thomas Aquinas to the second round game against No. 2 Saint Anselm.  

Southern’s Athletic Department, along with the coaching staff and players on the men’s basketball team have refused to comment on the events that transpired after the game.  

“The incident that occurred at the conclusion of our men’s basketball game on Saturday [March 12] was extremely disappointing,” said Southern’s Associate Director of Athletics and Communications, Michael Kobylanski, in a statement made via email two days after the occurrence.  

He added: “It marred a highly competitive NCAA Tournament game between Southern Connecticut State and St. Thomas Aquinas. As is the case in situations like these, we will cooperate with the NCAA during their review of the incident. Otherwise, we have no additional comments on the matter at this time.”

A video shown on Louden’s [@itsnincompoop] Twitter account showed that after Walter’s winning shot, both the Owls and Spartans confronted each other in the middle of the court, where players on both sides exchanged punches.  

Following the incident, Southern’s basketball player Brett Buser was injured to the point where paramedics had to step in and send him off to a hospital.  

“I am sure that when the team reflects on it, they regret taking part in what happened,” said Southern student Chris Kuczo, who covered the game as a color commentator for WSIN Radio. “Going forward, I can bet that they are putting it past them and focusing on next season’s agenda already.”

The NCAA is still investigating the case, and is yet to release any disciplinary action towards Southern Connecticut State and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Photo Credit: SCSU Athletic Communications


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