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SPOOF: Spiderman thrown out of ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Spiderman tisse sa toile (Melbourne, Australie)

Melissa Nunez – General Assignment Reporter

In the latest “Captain America: Civil War” trailer released, numerous characters have emerged in the Marvel universe, such as Winter Soldier, Black Panther and Scarlet Witch, accompanied by an intensified feud between Ironman and Captain America, causing fans to undeniably anticipate this film. But as Spiderman made his brief debut, fans were outraged by his understated, retro-inspired costume, causing Marvel to respond by removing him from the film entirely, said Jimmy Bartlet, Disney spokesperson, in a statement released on Marvel’s website Friday, March 25.

“As fans were not pleased with the Amazing Spiderman 2, we assumed returning to earlier aesthetic in the Spiderman universe would be more appealing, but it seems we have failed them once again,” said Bartlet. “We have decided, instead of having the Spiderman criticism impact the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ film detrimentally, to totally remove him and allow fans to relish in the other characters that are being featured.”

Bartlet said, while there may be complications in regards to editing and outcry over the actual decision to remove Peter Parker from the film, those issues are nothing when compared to the backlash Marvel has received over the costume design.  

Tom Holland, actor portraying Peter Parker in “Captain America: Civil War,” said, in an interview on Good Morning America Saturday, March 26, he is exceedingly upset over being removed from the film, especially after the time and energy he devoted, and expects fans to be furious with the decision as well.

“I am extremely upset over Marvel’s decision to remove my scenes from the film. I have dedicated a tremendous amount of work and time towards this character, as I was very passionate about this role, only for it to amount to nothing,” said Holland. “Marvel should expect many livid fans; they are not going to stand for this.”

Holland added he does not blame fans for their concerns regarding Spiderman’s costume and Marvel should not blame them as well, this extreme conclusion is as a result of no one else other than the company itself.

Linda Linberg, sophomore communications major, said, as a Spiderman fan, she was one of many who were upset over Parker’s costume design, but after seeing Marvel’s response to the criticism, she is now rethinking her initial reaction.

“I admit, I honestly thought his costume was not as attractive as it appeared in earlier films, but I surely did not think Marvel would react so brashly to fans’ remarks and take him out completely. I mean, this is crazy,” said Linberg. “If I knew tweeting and commenting so harshly would have resulted to this, then I would have kept my mouth shut.”

Linberg said she and other fans are entitled to their opinions regarding Spiderman’s outfit design and she cannot deny that Marvel’s solution to the concerns of many, not only silenced them by removing their favorite hero, but just completely inflamed the situation.

Luthan Lopez, media studies senior, said he loved Spiderman’s costume and could not understand the backlash regarding the design. He said that he was excited to see the connection between his former days and the new universe highlighted in “Captain America: Civil War.”

Lopez added the removal of Spiderman from the film is a decision he is extremely upset about and one he could not imagine even remotely beginning to address the design concerns fans were expressing.

“I am so mad that Marvel took Spiderman out of the movie, as someone who was not even upset about the design in the first place; I feel so cheated. Regardless if fans were upset or not, I think everyone feels a bit cheated,” said Lopez. “I just do not understand how Marvel could think fans would respond positively to this news? I think this is just going to create a new situation for them, one way worse.”

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This article was apart of the Spoof April Fool’s Series. Story information and sources presented are fictional.

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