Students share thoughts on X-Files return

Melissa Nuñez – General Assignment Reporter

In the search for the truth, FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, spent their careers seeking proof of government conspiracies which shielded knowledge from the public of extraterrestrial life. According to, Fox first aired the X-Files in 1993 and then continued to run for nine seasons. This year, Fox has brought the show back for a six-episode miniseries.

Fior Rodriguez, senior biology major said the reprise of the X-Files is bringing in a whole new generation who want to believe. She believes that the modern update on the classic show is going to attract a whole new following.

“It is modernized and I think it is bringing in a whole new generation,” said Rodriguez. “So now I think a whole new group of people are going to start watching it. People are going to be more into it and it is going to be a bigger fan base. It is going to be great.”

Rodriguez said even with the modern twist, only airing six episodes could have been a mistake, since the episodes are going by at a dizzying pace and are leaving viewers confused.

“I do not really understand why they are only doing six episodes because you can feel in each episode that it is kind of rushed and the conversations are like spit fire, you are not really to be able to get it all,” said Rodriguez. “They could have slowed it down and just spread it over a couple of more episodes. I have no idea what they are going to do with that. I guess we will see with the next episode.”

The season’s first episode is entitled “My Struggle” and takes place a decade after Mulder and Scully deserted their work of exposing interplanetary life. They are approached by Tad O’Malley, a television host, who sets them on a journey that charges new life into their old mission.

Lisa Bier, social sciences librarian, said she hopes this season will have more humor and paranormal aspects as it continues.

“What I have not seen yet is the ghosts and the supernatural. It is all about aliens and government conspiracy so I would like to see a really spooky, funny episode,” said Bier. “I would love that because there was nothing that made me scared at all and I am just trying to follow what they are saying because I think that show is very hilarious sometimes, even when it was being scary.”

Biers said while she is excited to see Mulder and Scully together again, she does not know if the conspiracy theme will work as well as it once did.

“I feel like everyone is a conspiracy theorist right now, whereas back then in the in the 1990s [Mulder and Scully] were presented as these outliers. Now everyone thinks the government is going to come get you,” said Biers.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the first episode of the new miniseries drew in 20.3 million viewers and a 7.8 rating amongst adults aged 18 to 49.      

Paige Tillinghast, senior English major, said she hopes that these next four episodes will bring a perfect balance of classic and modern, while making sure to tie up any loose ends.

“There are only supposed to be six episodes, so some way of just capturing the old, bringing in new and just kind of wrapping everything together into some sort of form that just works,” said Tillinghast. “Cliff hangers are okay but you just do not want it to end and be like, ‘okay, now what?’”

Photo Credit: Genevieve


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