Dining in the New Haven Area

Max Bickley – General Assignment Reporter

When the options of Conn Hall or the student center do not sound appetizing, or there is a desire to go off campus with friends, the city of New Haven offers a wide variety of dining options for students. Whether it be hole in the wall Chinese shops, Wings-Over New Haven, or simply going into Pizza Heaven to pick up a sandwich, there are many options for students who want to leave campus to find food.

One of the factors which plays into what restaurants or food options available is how often students actually leave campus, and also how much money they are willing to spend. This is one of the factors which impacts sophomore Anthony Piscatelli, who says that commuting makes a difference in where you eat.

“I commute from Monroe. Not to mention I don’t have much money, but I get around town enough to find some good places. Though I will say when low on cash nothing can beat some old fashioned McDonalds. No joke if you are low on money they have food. May not be healthy, but it’s better than being hungry, or Conn.”

Beyond the matter of money or travel, there are also times when students want to go out with a significant other or enjoy a meal with friends. For times like these junior Azm Hussein has a place where he always goes.

“Look, you know how there are a lot of those hole in the wall Chinese places where it’s not very authentic Chinese, but it still tastes good? Well there is this place I go to, I take my friends and my girlfriend called Wall of China. It’s in town and it is very good very authentic food. It’s almost like the food you see on travel channel.”

There are certainly tastes for everyone, and while many students may not be able to afford a full course meal, but have enough money for more than fast food there are middle cost options in regards to eateries in town. One commuter, sophomore Spencer Arnel, found an affordable eatery where many students might have heard of.

“I commute, and honestly I either grab something from the Chick-n-Grill, which is a blessing compared to last years food, at the student center or I go home and find something to eat. I don’t get off of campus eating much, but I do go to one place. I like going to this place called Sushi palace. Its twenty dollars for all you can eat sushi. Its not the best quality, but hey, eating a lot of okay sushi for twenty bucks is better than eating like five pieces of sushi for the same price.”

For any student who wishes to find some place to eat that is off of campus these are only a few examples of the restaurants in and around New Haven. Yale has eateries right by the bookstore, and every dorm hall has a host of take-out menus to explore. Without knowing a good place to go, there is also always the advantageous Yelp to look up local restaurants and reviews from diners.

Photo Credit: Wally Gobetz


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