Sorority hosts annual Buzz-a-thon to benefit children with cancer

Nick Charnysh, sophomore recreation and leisure studies major, has his head shaved for the Buzz-a-thon fundraiser by volunteer hairdresser Amanda Commesso. Photo Credit: Derek Torrellas 

Aaron BerkowitzNews Reporter 

Some SCSU students cut their hair for a cause during Alpha Sigma Alpha’s 6th annual Buzz-A-Thon fundraiser. The event offered students the opportunity to have their hair buzzed or trimmed by professional stylists in order to raise awareness for cancer among children.

Carmen Roman, sophomore member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, said her sorority aimed to raise enough money to send four children with cancer to Camp Rising Sun.

“We really like to offer as much support to kids cancer as we can,” said Roman. “We’re trying to send more kids this year than we have ever sent in the past. The camp allows the kids to enjoy a week of fun without worries while they are tended to by doctors who volunteer.”

Camp Rising Sun is open to any child between the ages of 5-17, whether they are still in treatment or remission as long as they gain the approval from their doctors.

Andrea Marcal, sophomore member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, said she coordinated the event and although it was a stressful process, the end results of the fundraiser made it all worth it.

Eric Howard gets a haircut by one of the volunteer stylists for Alpha Sigma Alpha’s sixth annual Buzz-A-Thon fundraiser (Photo by Aaron Berkowitz)

Eric Howard gets a haircut by one of the volunteer stylists for Alpha Sigma Alpha’s sixth annual Buzz-A-Thon fundraiser (Photo by Aaron Berkowitz)

“Everyone benefits in a way,” said Marcal. “Obviously the children we send to camp get to have a great time and feel better about themselves, but at the same time it gives the students on campus a chance to get involved and to make a difference in someone else’s life. It’s all a great experience and connects us.”

The sorority also gave away hundreds of razors for students to take when they came to get their haircut, donate, or when they were just passing by the student center patio.

Chris Caruso, senior public health major, and Eric Howard, sophomore hospitality major, said after participating in the university’s Heart Walk they felt that it was only right that they got their haircut for the fundraiser.

“We walked 1.2 miles just around campus and thought we might as well do two good things today,” said Caruso.

“Its just hair and it will grow back, so why not?” said Howard.  “It feels good to something nice for someone else.”

Howard said the event resonated with him on a deeper level because of his personal experience with the disease.

“I lost one of my good friend’s mother from cancer my senior year of high school so I think that deep down that could be a reason why I’m always trying to be involved in events like this that are trying to raise awareness.”

Marcal said even though the Buzz-A-Thon event is only a one day event at the university, anyone can still donate to the cause and should contact her for more information by her email:

According to, around 13,500 children are diagnosed with cancer in the US annually.

Roman said the sorority is short under one thousand dollars to meet their goal. She said every dollar collected for the cause is appreciated and will go towards making a difference in a child in needs life.

“We are going to be fundraising through Yankee Candles and a jewelry catalogue to raise the rest. The main reason for holding this event each year is not to fulfill part of our philanthropy requirement, but to draw more attention to a cause that affects so many children every year,” said Roman. “We’re excited to hear stories about the kids who we send to camp and we (Alpha Sigma Alpha) want everyone who donates to know that we couldn’t have done it without them.”


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