Senior Brandon Docimo named Southern’s baseball team captain

Bobby Martinez – Sports Writer

The motivation, the fuel and energy that has ran through the body of Owls third baseman and outfielder Brandon Docimo prior to Southern was sparked by a handful of people who believed he had the talent to play in an Owl’s uniform.

Docimo had options coming out of Stanford High School where he said his high school coach, Richard Lacomis, pitched the idea of trying to play for the Owls who at that time, were ranked number three in the nation.

“He [Lacomis] played for Shea in the past,” said Docimo.  “He told me they [SCSU] were 22-0 halfway through high school. He said I’m talented enough to play there.  At the time, they were ranked number three in the nation. I then spoke to Shea, but couldn’t make commitment or get a scholarship. So that alone was a challenge that made me work even harder.”

Docimo sure did prove people wrong throughout his years playing for the Owls. In his freshman year, Docimo appeared in 16 games where he finished with a .280 batting average as well as one home run and six runs batted in (RBI).

Heading into his sophomore year, his production and contribution to the team spiked. From appearing in only 16 games his freshman year, his sophomore year, he appeared in 41, a 25 game increase. With more time on the diamond, his stats improved and he established himself as a future star player on the team.

In his junior year, Docimo would finally achieve a goal every athlete tries to do: become a starter. Docimo started in 34 of the 36 games and finished the year with a.260 batting average as well as 22 runs and 15 RBI.

Heading into his senior year, Docimo was name one of the team’s captain, a responsibility he said he enjoys to take on.

“Being named a team captain is a huge role,” he said.  “Other teammates look up to you daily because you have fulfilled that role.  I want to keep everyone on the right track and make sure they are working hard every day.”

Docimo went on to mention several key factors he believes are vital in becoming a successful team captain.

“You got to stay positive no matter what in this sport,” he said. “A player might miss a ground ball, or strikeout. I try to implement a good attitude in addition to good energy and effort. I am a very hard worker myself and I believe if I can help control those three characteristics, we can have a very good team.”

Outside of baseball, Docimo has another love: music. A hidden talent Docimo has is making music. He’s been a fan of music, all types of genres his entire life.

“I love rap and hip hop the most,” said Docimo. “I also enjoy listening to R&B, pop and country. I’m a huge fan of Drake. I think he is the best artist out right now. He can rap and sing. Whatever mood you’re in, there’s a Drake song for that mood. I also like J.Cole because he is intellectual. He raps about real stuff I can relate to. But growing up I was big fan of Eminem and Cassidy.”

When it comes to his main hobby, making music is something he has always enjoyed since middle school.

“When I was young, about seventh grade,” said Docimo, “I hung out with kids who had older friends that made music.  I was always poetic. They told me to try and make songs and I did and the older kids liked it. I felt good about myself and since then, I felt I can do something with it. I have a lot of fun doing it.”

Docimo also works hard in the classroom as well. In fact, when it was time to choose what college to go to, he had offers from Fordham University, Keene State College, Iona College and Eastern Connecticut State University. Fordham University he said was one school he was proud he got accepted in in particular. But he chose Southern because it was close to home and knew a lot of people going to Southern as well.

He credits all his accomplishments to his handwork and drive he wakes up with each and every morning and hopes his work ethic can help his teammates.

“I don’t like lazy people. If you love the game, or anything, you should put that time in to get better. As for this team, we play for each other and will do my best to lead by example and bring out the best attitude each player has.”

Updated March 13, 2014 11:39 p.m.


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