Make your last semester count

Grace Sampson – Special to the Southern News 

Graduation, it’s an exciting yet unsettling topic to think about but for many seniors the time is near. In a matter of weeks, all the sleepless nights, long hours of studying, cramming up for tests and pulling all-nighters will be over. However, with so much focus on crossing the stage as names are read, many seniors fail to make their last semester count.

It’s understandable when the only thing going through one’s mind is getting is out. But it’s time to take a breather and enjoy the last semester by trying new things and securing one’s future.

How does one make their last semester count?

Take a fun class
Chances are there are few requirements left to be completed, so why not take something new and interesting to fill in an empty space like music, art, or even learn a new language, and be exposed to new thoughts and ideas.

Because it’s getting closer to graduation, some seniors tend to stop being consistent on school work.

Avoid Senioritis
In other words avoid procrastination. It’s been a long journey so why stop now by slowing down.  Attend classes on time, be organized and continue to work hard and put in more effort and energy into the last semester.

Visit the Career Services
Hopefully by now jobs and internships should be lined up. If not, it’s not too late. Try scheduling an appointment with career advisers to review resumes, cover letters and even application to grads schools.

Attend job fairs, alumni night and meet company representatives, this is a good way of learning what positions are available, expanding contacts in the field of interest along with level of experiences. Career services is the best place to get valuable information on how to prepare for the outside world.

Reach Out
Networking is one of the biggest ways of reaching out and connecting with people. Not only does one meet other individuals in similar fields, but it increases the chance of getting a job. Try staying in touch with professors and advisors because truth is when it comes to writing recommendations, they are the best sources.

“Networking is very important,” said Esther Manu, a graduating senior. “You are at a better advantage of getting a job when you network.”bank

Save Money
More than ever every penny counts. One of the scary things students face after graduating is paying back loans and supporting themselves especially when it’s hard to find a job. So make sure every penny is saved and used wisely.

“There are more responsibilities after graduation,” said Jamie Hebert, a graduating senior.

Be thankful
Take the time to show appreciation to those who made graduating possible such as teachers, parents, friends, peer mentors, advisors and siblings. Not many are given such opportunity to earn an education.

Enjoy the final days and look back on all great life lessons learned. Graduation will come fast and though the unknown is scary, take the time to celebrate, to have fun, live free, even if it’s just for the moment, hang out with friends, and participate in school events. Make every day count and take advantage of every opportunity.

“Take it easy, nice and slow and enjoy all the time that you have,” said Devon Pilarski, a graduating senior.

Photo Credits: Southern News, 401(K) 2012


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