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Laughter is the best medicine

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Savannah Mul – Opinions Editor

Laughter hits everyone in many different ways, whether it is hanging out with friends and family or watching your favorite movie. Not to mention, it is highly contagious and healthy for you. So never hold back a good laugh. Laughter boosts your immune system in ways vitamin C can’t. For example, researchers have reported that laughing decreases the hormones associated with stress and anxiety and increases antibody producing T-Cells. With the increase in T-Cells in our  bodies it makes it less likely to get colds, according to See laughter cures illnesses even before we get them.

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No matter the day you might be having, even if everything might be going in the wrong direction, remember 15 minutes of laughter a day is the only thing you need to turn everything around. Researchers from the University of Maryland said that 15 minutes of laughter are as important as getting 30 minutes of exercise three times a week. Laughter can cure even the worst days.

Everyone wants to exercise more, so why not add laughter into your daily routine to get that little extra exercise. Didn’t you know, that weight loss can actually come with laughter. Now, you won’t see any dramatic results, but in the long run it will help you. Hearty laughter raises the heart rate, which speeds up the metabolism, said See, what can be better than that? The more hearty laughter that will eventually make you cry is all anyone needs to brighten their day a little more.

With this final month of the school semester underway the most important thing you can do is remember to laugh and the heartier the better. Stress levels and anxiety will soon skyrocket for many students, but when that does happen, sit back, take deep breathes and have a good laugh. In whatever way you can find it. Laughter is the ultimate medicine and stress reliever, whichis often overlooked by many people.

To realize the importance of laughter will make this final month of school and the rest of your life not as stressful. Laughter is such a small concept, but it has so much meaning to it and emotion that can change your mood.

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