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Music Review: Unapologetic – Rihanna

Tamika Alexander – Arts and Entertainment Editor



 “Unapologetic” is Rihanna’s seventh studio album. Since her debut album in 2005 “Music of the Sun” Rihanna has drastically evolved as an artist and as a woman. Her  first two albums were very young and playful, reflecting her island roots. Her recent albums like, “Loud” and “Talk that Talk” have shown how Rihanna’s relationships and run-ins with the media have changed her as an individual. Her music lately has symbolized strength and confidence. The change in her music has worked well for her. 

1. “Phresh Out the Runway”- This was a perfect song to start the album. It’s fast, it’s catchy and it’s an “ear grabber.” It immediately shows the cocky and confident Rihanna we all love.

2. “Diamonds”- This is the first single off the album and one of the reasons I bought the album. This is my favorite song out right now. The cover art to this song is fire as well.

3. “Numb” feat. Eminem- I heard a snippet of this song before the album dropped and I couldn’t wait to hear it in full. I love this song so much that it took me a while to listen to any song past this one. I kept it on repeat. The only aspect of this song that I don’t like is Eminem, and I’m an Em fan. When I heard the snippet I questioned how he would fit into the song, and he doesn’t at all. I feel like his small part is pointless and the song could have done without it.

4. “Pour It Up”- This is a cool song. It’s a typical Rihanna song. It’s very cocky and strong, as we all know Rihanna to be.

5. “Loveeeeeee Song” feat. Future- This is definitely one of my favorites off the album. I’m not a big Future fan but he actually works in this song.  The collaboration is a perfect match for the song concept. It’s sexy, slow and it works.

6. “Jump”- The beginning to this song makes me want to jump, just like the title says. The song samples r&b artist Ginuwine’s “Pony.” The sample was unexpected but the mix is crazy.

7. “Right Now” feat. David Guetta- I like the meaning behind this song. The concept of living for today and not for tomorrow is something a listener can relate to. The beat is very techno. I can imagine a group of people fist-pumping and jumping to this in the club.

8. “What Now”- This song has a familiar beat but nonetheless it’s a good song. Rihanna slows down the album with song. She displays her vocals more amd the song shows a softer side of RIhanna that we haven’t seen too much lately.

9. “Stay” feat. Mikky Ekko- This is a very slow-tempo song. The piano playing in the background adds a nice touch. This is one of the songs that shows the variety Rihanna has to offer in her music.

10. “Nobody’s Business” feat. Chris Brown- This is another one that I was anticipating. The title and the feature alone could make anyone anxious to hear it. I love the song just because it’s real. The relationship between the two artists is nobody’s business, and Rihanna has no problem saying so. The song is so Michael Jackson. This song, from the voices to the ad-libs are completely inspired by the “King of Pop.”

11. “Love Without Tragedy”/ “Mother Mary”- This is a compilation of two songs. It begins with “Love Without Tragedy” which I think speaks about her relationship with Chris Brown prior to the domestic violence incident.  “Mother Mary” has a religious vibe in a sense. The song starts off with Rihanna asking for forgiveness and the song continues to talk about how she wants to change.

12. “Get It Over With”- In this song Rihanna is singing along with an anonymous male counterpart. I love duets which is something we don’t usually see with Rihanna.

13. “No Love Allowed”- This song has an island, reggae vibe to it. Again, I may be wrong but I swear she’s talking about the love between her and Chris Brown in this one. Their crazy love affair has had such an impact on her life, that her music has begun to reflect the details of what her fans were oblivious to.

14. “Lost in Paradise”- I like this song because it talks about the real things that women go through when falling in love. The motions of feeling lost in paradise is symbolic of being in love and having no direction when the love goes bad.

15. “Half of Me”- To end the album Rihanna slows it down. The song is a reflection of a journey through fame and stardom and how fans only see half of the life she lives.

4.5 out of 5 owls

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