Today: May 21, 2024

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Moving beyond the dreaded two-year mark

 SAMANTHA MCKELVIE — Staff Writer The two-year mark: a relationship death sentence or a test of real love? According to most testimonials I’ve heard, the two-year mark in a relationship is when

K-9 Jules celebrates his fourth birthday

Lexi White- General Reporter Everyone was wagging their tails at K9 Jules’ fourth birthday party on Wednesday, April 3, in the Adanti Student Center!   Sergeant Cynthia Torres organized a fun-filled event in

Owls Decide: favorite dad joke

Lexi White- General Reporter “What did the horse say after it tripped? I’ve fallen, and I can’t giddyup.” -Exercise science major Avery Watts, a sophomore  “Have you ever tried archery blindfolded? You don’t

ProCon holds Super Smash Bros tournament

Lexi White- General Reporter Students were so excited to participate in the Programs Council’s smashing event.  The Programs Council, also known as ProCon, held a Super Smash Bros Tournament on Monday, April

OCPD allows students to network

Jack Abbot- General Reporter Innovation Hub and the Office of Career and Professional Development hosted a networking workshop to prepare students for an upcoming networking event for students of color.  The event

Commuter services offer support on campus

Solé Scott- Features Editor Out of 8,820 undergraduate and graduate students that attend the university, 1,958 students live on campus as of fall of 2023.  Students that decide not to live on