Computers malfunction in Adanti Student Center

Max Bickley – General Assignment Reporter

The usage of the computers and the computer labs on campus is one of the crucial features for many students at Southern. However, this past week many students who used the computer lab in the Adanti Student Center were faced with what appeared to be a virus in multiple computers.

The PC’s in the computer lab, were put out of order after what was presumed to be a virus in the computers. The computers in question, specifically the PCs and not the Mac computers, were shut off and labeled “do not use” for student use until the problem was solved.

Freshman Tyler Carballo, who often uses the computer lab in the Student Center for homework and research, witnessed what was going on with the computers.

“It was pretty insane. It looked like a virus hit the PCs, and nearly all of them it seemed,” said Carballo, “One of the ways it popped up was the “Troll face” meme would just appear on screen. Another would be that there would be all these screens popping up.”

In describing his perspective on the situation, as well as

If you asked me I’d have thought someone hacked the system. So they just shut the computers that were acting up down.”

Though this appeared to be the case, it turned out it was nothing of the sort. On Tuesday, the computer lab in the Student Center posted up signs saying that computers were out of use due to a virus. At that time, according to Eric Basini, a junior who works at the IT helpdesk, the problem was not as big as it seemed, and that the student’s needn’t worry.

“There was no virus outbreak in the student center,” said Basini, “A technician said there wasn’t a virus outbreak, and that only one computer was in question.”

In light of recent discoveries made by both the IT department and Southern Faculty, this was the case. There was not a virus in the computers, but it was an act which looked like a virus infected the computers. Nicholas Valsamis, director of IT at Southern, released a statement regarding the events in the library, and revealed that there was no hacking involved with what went on with the computers.

“Students  may have heard a rumor that there was a virus on the computers in the ASC computer lab,” said Valsamis, “Please be assured there was no virus or malware on the computers in the lab.”

After this assurance by Valsamis that there was no hacking or virus, Valsamis went on to explain what exactly did happen.

“There was, however, vandalism of a few machines [in the computer lab] that made them act and message as if there was a virus,” said Valsamis, “The vandalism is now under investigation by law enforcement.”

For any student who is concerned about whether or not any personal information was leaked or compromised, Valsamis assures that nothing of the sort occurred in the events in the computer lab.

“No personal information or account data was compromised, or at risk,” said Valsamis, “This was not a security incident, it was simply vandalism.

Photo Credit: Staff Photo

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