Students constantly rely on their cell phones

Karlie Borges – Special to Southern News

In recent years, cellphones have become a major part of today’s society.

A 2015 Pew Research Center study on smartphone use found that 15 per of Americans ages 18-29 are heavily dependent on a smartphone for online access.

Amanda Pierpont, a business major at Southern, said she often used the internet on her smartphone to research information on various topics.

“I actually look up thinks on my phone a lot,” said Pierpont. “I like to look up random things and just learn.”

Courtney Carrano, an english education major at Southern Connecticut State University, said that her cellphone is an important part of her every life.

“I use my phone every second of every day,” said Corrano. “I do everything on my phone. I read on it, I text on in all day.”

The Pew Research study showed that three smartphone features in particular — social networking, watching video, and listening to music— are especially popular with younger users. According to the study 91 percent of smartphone owners between the ages of ages 18-29 used social networking on their phone at least once over the course of the study period, compared to 55 percent  of those 50 and older.

Coranno is part of the 91 percent of people of young people who use their phone for social media.

“I use social media on my phone a lot,” said Corrano. “Instagram is my favorite.”

According to the Pew Research Center study, 97 percent of smartphone owners used text messaging at least once over the course of the study period, making it the most widely-used smartphone feature or app. It is also the feature that is used most frequently. Smartphone users in this study reported having used text messaging in the past hour.

Fitzgerald Bony, a language major at Southern, said he often sends texts messages to communicate with friends. However, he makes phones calls often as well.”

“I text mostly,” said Bony.  “But sometimes I call because a lot of my friends are out of the country.”

When asked if he could live without his phone for a day, Bony said it would possibly be difficult for him.

“I could try to go without my phone,” Bony said.  “but I’m not sure I would be successful.”

The Pew Research study showed that 79 percent of people said they feel “productive” and 77 percent of people said they feel “happy” from having a smartphone.

However, smartphones not always inspire positive feelings. 57 percent of smartphone owners reported feeling “distracted” because of their phone, and 36 percent reported that their phone made them feel “frustrated.”

While she does use her phone often for research purposes, Pierpont said she’ s not as attached to her phone as other people.

On my downtime, I’ll use my phone,” said Pierpont.  “But if I have to get something done I’ll just push it aside. I don’t’ feel like I need to have a phone. So many people I see, they can’t be without their phone but I can live without it.”

Pierpont said she only feels like her phone is necessary for emergency situations

“The reason I need it is, like, if something happened with my family,” Pierpont said. “I need it for an emergency so I keep it on and have it with me.”

Photo Credit: Yutaka Tsutano

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