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Did social media make Donald Trump famous?

Alex Palmieri – General Assignment Reporter

It seems as though every TV station, news article or website people view nowadays, Donald Trump is always making headlines. For one reason or another, Trump always finds a way to become a story to journalists.

From his comments that people find offensive, to his freshly groomed hair on a daily basis, the media has certainly impacted Trump, making him one of the most controversial figures in the country as of right now.

“Social media absolutely has the power to make anyone famous,” said Evan Fusaro, senior liberal arts studies major. “If you’re a man as rich and popular as Donald Trump, it’ll make you even more famous.”

Fusaro said the social media can have both a positive and negative impact on everyone. He said that because Trump is so controversial, there are definitely mixed reviews of him on social media a daily basis, such as Facebook.

“Most of my friends will post things about him,” said Fusaro. “Most are good things because a lot of my friends are conservative. But there are articles where he gets bashed as well.”

Trump’s comments can surely turn a lot of heads, which makes it easier for him to make headlines, which in turn makes him famous. The media has impacted his fame coming into the presidential election, since he is the only multi-billion dollar president that has ever run for office. That alone is enough for people of the entertainment business to make headlines of Trump.

Amy Castellanous, freshman mathematics major, said the media in general has made Trump who he is today.

“He was on the show ‘The Apprentice’ and that kind of jumpstarted his career,” said Castellanous. “Now he’s makes racist comments and talks about building a wall to get foreigners out and the media loves covering that because it ups the views.”

Castellanous said social media has impacted Trump in a major way. She said not all of the other candidates that are running for president are getting the same amount of attention as Trump is, and that is mainly because of his money.

“He’s a billionaire,” said Castellanous. “So it is very easy for social media to be attracted to him. It has definitely made him more famous.”

Dr. Theresa Marchant-Shapiro, political science professor, said because Trump is a frontrunner making these comments that are shocking and provoke public interest, social media will catch on.

“When he started doing well, that’s when social media started covering him more,” said Marchant-Shapiro. “Trump says crazy things, and that is what social media loves. So absolutely it has made him more famous.”

Marchant-Shapiro said Trump tells the public everything they want to hear. She said Trump has said things involving the economy and immigration, and that is what attracts all types of media toward Trump. Because these are big problems in the country, Marchant-Shapiro said social media has made a big deal about Trump’s ideas and plans.

“People over social media tend to connect over things Trump is talking about,” said Marchant-Shapiro.

Marchant-Shapiro said whether Trump acts upon his ideas is yet to be seen. She added that what Trump is doing is somewhat of a smart move.

“Trump’s comments are enough to hit social media, which is making him appear headlines more and more.” said Marchant-Shapiro “He is smart in the aspect that he is attracting tons of followers via social media and it is working.”

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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