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Millennials Stance on Accessing News

Ali Sorbara – Special to the Southern News      Information today has been strategically woven into the social networking world, where news is subliminally placed everywhere.     Kiana Michel, a freshman, says she uses social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter, while acquiring the news.      “A lot of the news I read comes from the Stamford Advocate and News 12 Connecticut,”

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Social media privacy settings may not keep your information secure

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter  Clicking “make profile private” may no longer be enough to keep a person’s life safe. When senior, Tania Galindo, received a threatening text from an ex-boyfriend stating he knew where she would be that night, she got very concerned. “Although I have my profile set to completely private,” said Galindo, “people can still see

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Tips on proper work etiquette

Anisa Jibrell – Special to the Southern News   Having a job lined up for you after college can be an exhilarating feeling. While your fellow colleagues are jumping through rings of fire to land an interview, you’re in bed browsing the internet for trendy suits. But often times a student will forget that there’s still some cleaning and tweaking that

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Who to unfriend on Facebook

Jessica Pellegrino – Copy Editor  After the holidays, we jump right into New Year’s Resolutions. From losing weight to improving your GPA, everybody resolves to change something in the coming year. I am resolving to be more positive in 2015. Well, everyone knows that positivity breeds positivity. So, the first step in a more positive life is to avoid negative

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News finds students on social media

Eric Urbanowicz – Special to The Southern News  As he prepares to begin his radio show, Jon Reynolds, the news director at Southern Connecticut State University’s radio station, WSIN, scrolls through the latest news on his cell phone. While scrolling through the different pages of news sites, he jots down the most eye-catching stories and stories he believes his audience

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