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Social Media Cleanup for future employment

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter You have perfected your resume. Your business cards are finally the perfect eggshell/gold foil combination. You are ready for the job search, and frankly, who wouldn’t hire you? You have covered all your bases. Unfortunately, the quality of your resume and the precision of your business card fade away when your future employers find your Facebook

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Winter Session sees 15.6 percent increase from last year

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter According to a recent post on her blog, President Mary Papazian stated that the overall head count for participants in Southern’s Winter Session program is up 15.6 percent from last season. The President attributed the success to the university’s marketing team, which utilized social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, as well as external marketing including

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Yik Yak causes problems among students

Anisa Jibrell – General Assignment Reporter The new trend, Yik Yak, or what students like Emma Cooke, sophomore and nursing major, refer to as “anonymous Twitter,” has become both a source of entertainment and the product of numerous cyberbullying concerns across campus. Yik Yak is an application that allows users to post comments, or yaks, anonymously and have the ability

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News finds students on social media

Eric Urbanowicz – Special to The Southern News  As he prepares to begin his radio show, Jon Reynolds, the news director at Southern Connecticut State University’s radio station, WSIN, scrolls through the latest news on his cell phone. While scrolling through the different pages of news sites, he jots down the most eye-catching stories and stories he believes his audience

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Psychologist says college students use social media to form identities

Anisa Jibrell – General Assignment Reporter Hopping onto the endless web of social media channels has indefinitely become a college essential, but the social media regime has its hiccups that students of Southern are all too familiar with. “I think a lot of what you see on the internet is just for show,” said Susan Bowes, senior computer science major.

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